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By Ashish Regmi
Melbourne, Australia

Nepal my motherland still cry’s, unable to comprehend the suffering of her children at the hands of her own. The cycle of political instability over the past two decade has pushed our country into a divided nation. The country is now riddled with divides at every level.

Why? Who is to blame? All of us have our own opinions of where to point the fingers at when it comes to this chaotic situation but is it only the royal regime, the Maoist revolution,the corrupted politician or India always waiting to pounce it claws and stir instability or even the international community with its double standard ever changing policies.

Yes all of the above are the contributing factors not just one. I believe there is one more place where the blame falls at and it’s us, the general public. We are as much as responsible for the state of the country as the other contributing factors are. The general public has the responsibility; they are the checking mechanism for the democratic process. We have an obligation to our nation and to our fellow Nepalese that the government never neglect or deprives us of our basic rights anywhere in the nation. We never protested for the wrong doing of the parties whom we supported, thus giving the politicians at power to get away with anything over and over again.

Blinded by our divides of class, caste, religion, political views we always looked after our interest but not the interest of the nation as a whole. We were and still are gullible puppets of power players because of our stereotypical, vindictive and oppressive past that is imbedded in our thought process. We still support and find comfort in the hands of those who put us in this situation, the royalist, the communist, the democrats, the racists, and the fascist. We still dwell on our own divides for solace, instead of understanding the broader aspects of accepting all Nepalese as one.

All of us want the same for our nation, peace and prosperity in our nation isn’t that what the entire fracas is all about. Why can’t we just unite as a whole and see to it that we get what we want.

We the people stand as the main obstacle for our nation, cant we unite for the greater good of our nation. We are still supporting those very politicians who over the past two decades caused the mess that we are in “haven’t we learnt a lesson already?”.
It is now time to rise, rise for a change, and rise for a positive impact that will help us all attain the proper environment for a peaceful and prosperous nation.


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