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Is Kathmandu, the city of Garbage?

Heart of the city, Newroad looks like a small dumping site

One of the ancient cities, also known as city of temples, where ever you go at every turning you will get a temple, the city which has been known to the world for its beauty, it is our lovely city Kathmandu.

After many years Kathmandu is once again crowded by the tourist from all over the world. They are here enjoying the ancient beauty of Kathmandu, to know the culture of this Valley and to know the friendly people of Nepal.

From today we are celebrating one of the Hindu’s biggest festivals Tihar which is also known as Yam Panchak. It is celebrated for 5 days. On the 3rd day we celebrate goddess Laxmi, she is known as the goddess of wealth. For this day people clean their house, make their house attractive, they decorate their house with lights so that goddess Laxmi get impressed and get into their house. I don’t mean that people decorate and clean their house just on this day, but on this special day they do it in special way.

How easy is to run a stall near garbage?

All the Kathmandu valley people are busy with this festival shopping and most of the people do their shopping in ancient city market Ason in Kathamndu and Mangal Bazar in Patan. All of this makes me ruminate about what I do back home. I usually find a Dumpster Rental near me and clean up the house for Christmas. But this year I experience something different, people are busy decorating house, busy shopping for the festival and this season only there are lots of tourist, and so pity our city looks so unhealthy and dirty, you can see garbage everywhere. What is the municipality doing? Are they aware of the effect of these dumps on the street? Is our street a dumping site?

People covering the garbage and running their shops near Ason

It is not just affecting the health of the people but it is sending a bad message to the world that thought Kathmandu is a place to be once in your life but it is really dirty the main roads are garbage. Seeing at this scenario I hardly believe people would like to visit Nepal again and again. We should be concern about this, why there is always strike and protest by the dumping site place people, why the municipality staff concern about managing garbage are not so cooperative with the municipality and are ready to make this beautiful city dirty. What is the reason that government is not able to see for a long term solution for the dumping site of the valley garbage. At the blink of the festival and peak time of the tourist season, we are really giving bad message to the world about Kathmandu.

Out site the famous Fast Food chain, Bakery cafe Sundhara

Tourism is the biggest industry of Nepal; it plays a big role in Nepal’s economy and progress so please let us request the municipality and the government to look for the long term solution for the dumping of the valley’s garbage.

Kamalacchi Chowk, I think every vehicals has to cross this place once where ever they go in Kathmandu

I hope by tomorrow all the garbage will be picked up from the streets of the Kathmandu. I hope to see clean Kathmandu; I want to hear Tourist saying “wow Kathmandu so clean”. I don’t want to celebrate Laxmi Puja with all these garbage on the streets.

Garbage opposite of Photo Concern, New road

Today what I saw made me giving a new name to Kathmandu “Kathmandu, the city of Garbage”. I hope it won’t hold this title for long. Let’s work together in making this city clean and sexy.

I found this scenario very intresting near Ason, Pile of garbage is covered and people around that pile have set up their stalls to sale festival items.

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