Nov 12

This year I was lucky to see the start of the rally every year the Newars of Kathamndu. I have taken few pictures. Enjoy them.

This is the rally on the Celebration of New Year. It is called Nepal Sambat.

Nepal Sambat 1128 - Nhudaya Bhintuna 1128

Mandap made at Thamel, red abd blue are color powders but others are beans that we use in our daily meals

Yogeshwore Amatya at Bhintuna rally

Yogeshwore Amatya preparing to join the rally


Mandap at Basantapur Durbar Square

Mandap - Basantapur Durbar Square

People from Newar Community wearing traditional Newari dress with drums

Participants of the rally being welcomed

Welcoming the participants

People registering for the rally

People registering to participate in the rally

Girl with a Typical Newari Dress

Girl with a Typical Newari Dress wishing every participants Nhudaya Bhintuna

Boys excited for the start of the rally

Boys excited for the start of the rally and to join it

Motorbikes Decorated for Rally

Motorbikes Decorated for Rally

Newar girls playing flute

Newar girls playing flute

Mandap view

Mandap Looks beautiful from top view

Guys sitting at the roof of the jeep

Guys sitting at the roof of the jeep to join the rally

Newari girl with sweet smile Inviting the participants

Cute girl with a sweet smile inviting the participants

Guys dancing and playing the drums

Guys dancing and playing the drums

Nhu dan ya bhintuna

It’s fun to play that drum in such ocassion, isn’t it?

Nhu dan ya bhintuna - rally

what is she looking at? may be curious when the rally will start

Newari girls with Sukunda

Girls with Sukunda on her hand

Young ladies wearing traditional newari dress

these girls looks very cute with traditional newari dress chaubandi cholo

Sagun given by the organizers

Girl with sagun given by the organizer at the start of the rally

8 Responses to “Nhudaya Bhintuna 1128”

  1. Lumanti Says:

    nhu sa 1128 ya lastaye

    sakal nepami pinta bhintuna

  2. Patricia Hopkins Says:

    Looks liek nepal is full of colors. very instering.

  3. mountainlover Says:

    bhintuna to everyone

  4. Bhintuna Says:

    Tasakan he banlaa.
    Yakwa subhaye.
    Thathe he chhigu palaa nhyanacwhanema dhaigu ashika yana.
    Phursad du sa jigu blogay na chha kaa palaa taya disan.

  5. deepak Says:

    beautiful picture

  6. virus_b Says:

    does the dress on the second from the last, called “chaubandi cholo”?

  7. rany maharjan Says:

    nahh!!! its not chaubandi cholo its ‘haku patasi’……

  8. Neeraz Maharjan Says:

    yes, Rany is right. That dress is call “Haku Patasi”……….

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