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One China Policy and Nepal Police Using Excessive Force

I was going through BBC news and found this topic “Nepal action on Tibet ‘excessive‘ ” and it is true if you see some videos where you can see protesters with blood, Nepal police using excessive force against the protester. In this same news there is a line

“How can a government that came to power on a wave of public protests against an authoritarian regime, justify crushing peaceful protests by Tibetans?”

Any of us can justify this line? Do you think that Nepal’s government policy is right? All the communist party of Nepal and the government are supporting One China Policy, but what about the Tibetans rights? It was taken over forcefully by Chinese; it is not the case of like Sikkim, because of some bad politicians in Sikkim, it became a part of India.

Maoist also had press release yesterday on this issue saying they support one china policy. What about One Nepal Policy? Why they want Limbu, Madesh, Newa state? Can they justify supporting one china rule and their policy of Newa, Madesh, Limbu state policy in Nepal?

think just they need the Chinese support (every political party) that is why they are supporting One China Policy. Where are Human Rights agency in Nepal, what are they doing on this issue? Why are they so quiet?

Who will speak in support of Tibetans’ in Nepal? We have so many Tibetans refugee in Nepal; they have also rights to put their demands. They are not having violence, they were having a peaceful protest, but why police used excessive force?

Last people movement in Nepal showed that the People’s power is the greatest power, no one can overcome with people’s voice. So we hope one day soon Tibet will be a independent country and China will have to backup. Tibetans voices are coming out in mass now. I hope it will not vanish like the Burmese Monks movement few months back.

My intention to write on this issue is that to let people know what the outer world think about the government policy to suppress the Tibetan voice. I think current government in Nepal was form due to the Public protest, and how can they suppress the Public protest done by the Tibetan refugee to get their rights.
* If anyone know where the next Tibetan protest is going to be held in Kathmandu then please let me know, I want to take some snaps and post it here

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