Apr 04

If I were Prachanda, I would have never used arm against my own people. Since I am going on for a revolution I have some vision, I know how to make people on my side. I also know that this revolution will not get success in one day, it will take many years may be a decade. So if I can influence people to carry arms then why not ask them to carry Books, educate them and try to make their future. If they were studying in class 1 when I start the revolution, in 10 years time they will appear SLC, at least they can make their future after that and take their own decision, know what is right and wrong for them. If they have judge my work and they will surely vote me for what I did to them and their community.

Dose communist revolution means only arm revolution? Why not do your own style of revolution? Why to Copy others work or style? I would have my own style of revolution without using arms.

Things that i would have done

1. I would have tried to educate people and teach them to think what is right and wrong for them.
2. Never have used Arms against the people
3. Reduce the bribe system from low level at government offices
4. encourage people to pay full tax and not to cheat while paying tax
5. Would not have gave away unfulfilled dream to poor people to get their support
6. Gather the enough fund from internal source to make hydro projects, roads and other industries

We still have time to make this country beautiful, increase people earnings, make their life better. Let’s start from our side to make our life better, let’s not go behind the foolish politicians who give away dreams which is never going to come true.

We have a CA polls soon so let’s think and vote the right person who can make our constitution.

These are some of the points that I would have done, if you guys have anything beside them then please write it on comment.

5 Responses to “What would I have done if I was Prachanda”

  1. Transponder Ametya Says:

    who want to be prachanda ??? at least i am not. I would prefer to get that post that he is occupying but never want to be like he.
    Jati Prachanda yato hola usto hola vanera sochiyeko thiyo…tyasto paaina maile prachanda ma…kehi navako hawaa….prachanda…ha ha..

  2. sam Says:

    You know what is the easiest thing to do in this world. ” To preach” . That’s exactly you are doing – the easiest job- bullshit man, absolutely bullshit.

  3. sangesh Says:

    Hey sam i am not intrested to preach, it is my vision, what i would have done if i had the power and ability like prachanda. Brain to kill 12000 people in 10 years is not a good job any way, the position in which maosit stand, they could have gain from another way also with out using arms. i think you are a guy who is not in nepal, better come here and experiance what we are experiancing.

  4. Babu Ram Bhattarai Says:

    If you want Revolution we all have to raise weapon………..Revolution comes from the barrel of gun not with sticks…and we were at war with the state. we were trying to change the existing state structure, we were not having some party as your people were doing…..so keep in mind that Violence is the midwife of history….and all history is history of class struggle.

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