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Freedom of expose to Nepali models and the need of 18+ rated website

Since the massive use of internet in Nepal, for past few years we have seen many Entertainment website in Nepal. These entertainment website have proved itself as a good platform for uprising stars in entertainment field.

Especially for the female model, it has been a god’s gift. Many established  model came through internet magazine like,,,,, few to name.

If we see the history of Nepali modeling field or entertainment market, I remember Dolly Gurung, who’s “Wai Wai” advertisement 2 decade ago was a massive hit on Nepal Television, I have a vivid image of that advertisement. I think she was wearing short skirt.

To show a thigh used to be over exposed, some bed scene of female actress like Karisma Manandhar  on “Aama” and Kalpana Rana on “Saino”  attracted many people to see those movies.

It was hard to get a porno magazine in the streets (it is still not found), it is found underground I guess. But after the introduction of internet, porn has been easy to access in Nepal. A decade ago we used to hear that police raided some video store and caught some X-rated movies.

I am here not to talk about the porn and pornography. But I am surprised to see some of the pictures posted on above mention website. These pictures can be categorized as soft-core porn. I am surprised to see such pictures are publish on popular weekly magazine like Saptahik.

I am not against the models or the modeling field or the entertainment website who publish such picture to get more hits on the website, or the models who allow the photographer to capture their beautiful body. I won’t be surprise to see a nude picture of a girl in a name of modeling. To show the semi nude body with out bra seems to be nothing for a Nepali Models now. May be some photo editing software tricks have been used there but also it’s a semi nude pictures.

Looking at the recent picture of so called HOT MODELS Anu Ojha, Simran, Sameera, it hints that soon they will turn into nude models or a porn stars of Nepal.

These entertainment website are access by all age group, as I have mention on my previous blog also that they need to age verification now, if they can not do age verification or the Nepal government have no such permission to give  rites to have a 18+ website then there should be some mechanism to monitor the picture of such website.

I have some question that I want to ask the viewers of these websites.

  1. Are the models doing modeling of some items or of their body?
  2. Don’t you think the pictures are soft-core?
  3. What are they selling? Their Body?
  4. Don’t you think some picture are too HOT to be watched by a underage people?
  5. Do you think the need of the age verification on such picture section or some government mechanism to monitor such website.
  6. Do you think soon these website will turn into a Nepali Pornography website?
  7. Where are all these woman rights organization ? These organization goes on the  streets to oppose prestigious Competition Miss Nepal but where are their voice to stop such website or against such pictures or the models.

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