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What! Food Shortage in Nepal?

I was asked by my friend Ashish Thapa to read this news on BBC. It was about Food shortages grow in rural Nepal. How many of us are aware of this news?
I was really surprised to read the headline of the news. Many things ran in my mind, asked myself many question.

What! Food Shortage in Nepal? Can this happen in my Country? How can this happen?

But its’ true, I don’t think the report by Mr.Charles Haviland from BBC did not wrote this on assumption.

My mind went through so many thoughts; the faces of innocent children, women and men came in front of me. I remember many years ago on NTV news showing the scene from Somalia, when the airplane throwing the food, and people were running after it. I used to feel bad when I used to see such news on television.

I never thought that such situation might occur in Nepal. I used to think that how much poor the people are in Nepal but they don’t have to die due to starvation, but see, it is really going to happen in Nepal. How much unaware are we? (I assume that most of the readers of my blog are like me)

We are living in cities where we have every facility; we really don’t have time to think about the other people from remote part of Nepal. We think all Nepalese have life like ours, at least not starving and but surviving.

There was big news a year ago, it was from Karnali zone. The news was that the rice which should have been provided to the people of remote area of Karnali zone, this rice were stored and got rotten before they were delivered to people. 
Due to lack of good transportation, and high charge by helicopter they were not able to distribute to the needed people from there.

 When the news was flashed that the rotten rice was dumped, people went to the dumped site to get those rotten rice too, so that they can eat it.

This is the real scenario of Remote Nepal.

Can we think how we can resolve such problems, so that in later years we don’t have to hear that people are starving in remote area of Nepal? This news really makes our head down in International arena. 

 Hey guys, I think we can at least contribute something to overcome such problem. What you guys think. Please comment why People in remote area of Nepal are still facing such situation and living like in hell.

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