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Watching “Ugly Aur Pugly” and recalling “My Sassy Girl”

It’s boring, really boring to watch Hindi movies now a day. Last night I watched a movie called ugly aur pugly. I felt that it has a very poor presentation in every aspect in that movie. May be since I have already watched the Original story movie “My Sassy Girl” which is a Korean movie. I don’t know if that movie too is a remake of some Hollywood movie.

When I watched this movie I really felt bad. Is Bollywood really become so poor in recent years? Aren’t there any good writers to write a story for a movie so that they do not need to make a remake of some Hollywood and Korean movies? Now I doubt if all the Hindi movies we watch are remake from some other language movies which we are unaware of.

There have been a trend of making remakes in Bollywood from long time, and few of them have proved to be big success in the past. But after watching this movie, I felt that they even cannot make a good remake. I felt like I am doing fast forward to My Sassy Girl with different characters and watching it again.

When I watched My Sassy Girl, it captured my eyes, I felt the story, and I had tears on my eyes at the end of the movie. It is one of my best movies I’ve ever watched. As the movies goes on, at the start you will feel like it is a total comedy, you will laugh on each action of the girl and as the movies moves on, same girl will make you cry. But in ugly aur pugly it is a total disaster, poor presentation and the wrong selection of the main role actress.

Any way if you guys have watched ugly aur Pugly, then I request you guys to watch My Sassy Girl. It is Korean language movie, and even not turning on subtitles you will feel the movie and will at least have a drops of tear at the end.

I request the Indian movie makers to at least, while selecting a good movie for remake, to try to make it better than, in an Indian way, because we also like Indian ways and try to search for some good stories. India is a rich country in literature and culture. Where have all the good Indian writers gone?

GOOD LUCK bollywood, stop giving us poor movies and do provide few good movies.

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