Sep 10

We were expecting some improvements in the security of the Nation after the formation of new cabinet. We got Mr. Bam Dev Gautam as our new Home Minister and as soon as he was sworn into that post he announced that he will improve the security and will take action on illegal activities of YCL and Youth Force.

But the current scenario is different, the government is not able to stop these wings of Maoist and UML and their activities are increasing by the day. In recent days, due to these forces, curfew had to be imposed in Dhankuta.

As for Kathmandu, our minister targeted the night life. He asked all the entertainment things that are run in Kathmandu valley. They should be closed by 11 pm in Kathmandu, 10 pm in Patan and Bhaktapur 9 pm. Don’t you think it is a straight interference on Human rights? We have rights to party, go to disco and pubs at night. Is this a type of democracy we were looking for?

If he thinks night life has increased crime, or if his security forces are not able to control the current situation then why not impose curfew at nights so that there won’t  be any crime at all.

In few weeks time, will be a peak tourist season. Many tourist’s have planned to come to Nepal as we heard that most of the flights to Nepal are packed and airlines are increasing the flight number to Kathmandu. How will they feel if they have to stay inside their hotel room by 11 pm? They are here for fun, excitement not to stay in a hotel room at 11 pm. They take a long break and make plan prior, what they want to do in Nepal. How will they feel if all the pubs and discos are closed at 11 pm? Many might cancel their trip after hearing this news. Tourist does not visit Nepal for traveling to remote area only. They spend a amount of time in pubs and discos too. Night life starts after 9-10 pm.

The other thing that our Home Minister announced was that he will shut down all the dance restaurants where Nude dance are performed. Yeah nudity is illegal in Nepal but then also such nude dances are there. Why not to put some government regulation on such restaurants so that there are limitations imposed. We hear many rumors that even Police officers have been given bribed so that they do not take action to such restaurants.

If all these dance restaurants are shut down, then what effect it will have. Here is a general calculation. If there is 1000 dance restaurants in Kathmandu and each have 20 dancers then, there are 20,000 dancers. What will happen to them? Will the government have an alternate job for them? These people will be jobless.

Although I am not a night prowler, many of the youths who enjoy night life in Nepal are unhappy with this decision. Before the police take another bribe and allow these restaurants to open beyond the Minister’s assign time, dear minister take your decision back. At least let the people enjoy our night life; people who enjoy night life are all not criminals.

We will fight for our rights, you cannot suppress out rights. Resign if you cannot provide security.

7 Responses to “The end to Night life of Kathmandu in New Nepal”

  1. aAkaR Says:

    yeah, yeah :
    We will fight for our rights, you cannot suppress out rights. Resign if you cannot provide security………..
    and everywhere, blog is abt dance bar…. nudity and sex….

  2. Rahul Says:

    taukoko dimakh chaakma pugeko mantrijewle k po garos. Buddhi nai teti hola. Yehi ho desh ko bidambana.

  3. Ametya Says:

    Khai yo Bam Dev ji le gareko ta Chhora le pisab dherai feryo vandai ma ….tyo…nai badhi diye jasto nai vayo…..

    ……..Systematic tarika le hunu paryo kya Bam dev ji…hawa tal le hidne ho vane ta ………

  4. preety Says:

    thik 6

  5. The end to Night life of Kathmandu in New Nepal | Says:

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  7. Bimal Bhattarai Says:

    Thanks for the article.
    It has covered very important aspects of the night life and it’s importance in the life of the people and the economy of the country. One obvious thing is that, most of the ministers and leaders just try to polish their impotency and incapability with the governmental rules and laws in the name of security. It is no more than the decisions of a mentally retarded person. Leaders are far-sighted and think before deciding from every perspective. Sadly, It is not the case of Nepalese leaders. God save Nepal because Nepalese leaders are not going to be able to do that.

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