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Third day of Tihar, Laxmi Pooja

Today is the third day of the festival Tihar. We celebrated it by worshiping the goddess Laxmi, the god of wealth. I have captured some pictures of this festival from the streets of Kathmandu. It is really fun to see lights all over, Kids playing Deusi and fireworks and elder people busy with shopping.

But this year something made me sad, please see the pictures below and know why I am sad. There is just one picture that made me sad, other pictures are the one which might take some of my friends abroad to past, their childhood and make them think what they are missing.

Girls Playing Bhaili, This is one kind of fun that kids have in Tihar

Mandap made by my father infront of our house, this is the way Newars decorate

After many years finally i found to play with some fireworks

This “Chakra” fireworks reminds me of my childhood, Yeah i called all the kids near my house to have fun with these fireworks

At Freak Street, jhooche – one of the hindu buddhist temple lit with Diyos

I think Bishal Bazar says, “Hey Shopping Malls, i am still the # 1, see at me, I look like a new bride”

Let me have that Jhir jhire, i want to play with it

Nhu daya Bhintuna, hey guys Government have recognized Nepal Sambat. Hurray, hope by tomorrow this Mandap will be finished

Hard work always Paid off, Wow hey guys guess what is this? it’s also a mandap made at Basantapur

Finally, the reason why i am sad today

This is the senario of Durbar Marg, This is how the First Republic Government of Nepal Celebrated Laxmi Pooja. No lights at Royal Palace. Why is this Palace is treated this way? is that because Ex- King used to live here? Common, it is a public’s palace now, atleast on the Day of Deepawali, they should have made this Palace full of Lights. Due to this, the charm that we used to see on Laxmi pooja’s day at Durbar Margh is gone. Hope from Next year they will atleast lite some 15 watt bulbs there.

Happy Laxmi Pooja to all of you guys, Hope Lord Laxmi will always have eye on you and full your wishes to have lots of wealth.

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