Dec 18

May be you guys thinking who is back? Any guess? Hope no, you guys are aware of it but could not guess who is back.

Friends, our old friend Long Hours Load shedding is back, 6 hours 10 hours minimum of load shedding daily. Just imagine in 24 hours total we are going to be in 10 hours without electricity.

When will our country Nepal progress with such conditions? All industries will be affected. The cost of everything is rising due to supplement power supply like inverters and diesel generators.

Few days ago our Prime Minister Prachanda inaugurated one of the hydro electricity project. I thought like to thank god, now may be it will give some cutting in the load shedding schedule. But it did not happen, instead the load shedding time was increased.

When will Nepal get rid of load shedding? We have been reading in books that Nepal is rich in water resources, but see the condition of our nation, there is not good supply of drinking water and electricity generated by hydro power.

Sometime I think the 10 years of maoist insurgency was also one of the factors which held the development of hydro power in Nepal.

Ohh God when will we have 24 hours supply of drinking water and electricity in Nepal?

Here is the New Time Table of Electricity Load Shedding in so called New Nepal. ( just chaning the name does not change the fortune)

Load Shedding Schedule

7 Responses to “He is back, Guess who?”

  1. olga_rani Says:

    Thank you for the time table. Now have to plan everything according to it.

  2. aAkaR Says:

    yes, loadshedding is back….
    saala, bura wakta fir aa-gaya…..

  3. Mrigesh Says:

    Thanks for the update !!!!
    Kaaile sakkine ho yo loadshedding !!!!

  4. Welcome to Paradise Says:

    Here are a few points that I would like to share with fellow ppl living in Nepal, so that we can conserve electricity as much as possible:

    1. When a room is not being used, turn the lights off.
    2. After exercising, try taking a cool shower instead of a hot one.
    3. When not home, turn the thermostat down (in the summer) and up (in the winter) for maybe 1 day a week.
    4. If one of your lightbulbs burns out, try replacing it with a more energy-efficient light-bulb. Over the long term it will save you money through energy conservation.
    5. When not using your speakers on your computer, turn them off. Also, if not using the monitor for 15 minutes or more, turn your monitor off. Save on your electric bill!
    6. Take shorter showers. Showers account for 2/3 of all water heating costs.
    7. Unplug unused electronics when not in use. Even when turned off, they use electricity and your money.
    8. Clean or replace filters on your furnace and air conditioner.
    9. Turn off any lights during the day time and specially the street lamps near your house too.
    10. If possible try to use the LCD monitor rather than the CRT monitors.

  5. Ganesh - Online Bull Says:

    Hi there. Nepal must be a beautiful country. Its too bad that you have 10 hours of power cut there. I hope it becomes alright soon. 🙂

  6. binod Says:

    best way to deal with loadshedding is start making plans for your bed times whenever its no light situation either its day or night and office also start opening according to the loadshedding..

  7. KTM Durbar Square Says:

    the load sedding is very long (18 hours now) going to increase again lol

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