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A surprise visit to Kangra fort

Kangra Fort

How would you feel when you reach the place you wished or dreamed of without knowing? Same thing happen to me in this incident. My friend from Mangolia Mrs. Khaleuna wanted to go to Dharmasala to meet Dalai Lama and listen to his preaching; here the exile government of Tibet also does their government work. She requested me and my other Nepali friend Ms. Neesha Tandukar.

It was a day of Holi Festival, when we reach Dharmasala and due to that I missed my Delhi Holi, but I was more excited to see Dharmasala, the exile government and Dalai Lama. I was unfortunate that the exile government security persons did not allow me to take my camera inside the monastery where Dalai Lama was preaching. I had to satisfy with Dalai Lama’s preach and to see him live in front of me.

Main Gate of the fort

We had plans to return to Delhi the same day and we still had half day left. Before we got bored there, to my surprise someone told me that the fort of kangra is 20 km away from Dharmasala and it is worth to see.
Guess what, after hearing the kangra fort, my heart started singing “paschim ma Killa kangra, purba ma Tista pugethyau” a Nepali song dedicated to the great Gorkha’s who reach to these places in east Tista river and in west to fort kangra. Without wasting any more of our time we headed towards the fort.

The fort is really nice place to be, you can see the kangra valley, the Himalayas and you may feel like you are in some part of Nepal. I felt like I was in Pokhara. The fort is really worth it and to feel proud of our great warriors who extended their nation till that place, I dreamed how our great worrier Amar Singh Thapa and his army had captured this fort.

View of the Himalayas from the Fort

Thank you for Indian government too for preserving such historical place. The only one reason for me to go there was that I have read about this fort in our history and I was excited to see the place mentioned in our history but kangra fort has many other histories. It is one of the oldest dated fort in India dated 1009 AD.  We were late to see the museum there so I could not gather more information, but there was a small park and some historical rock where there was carving in some ancient language. I have kept the picture of that rock and it’s description.

I hope Nepalese who ever goes near to Dharmasala would like to pay a visit to this historical place.

Passage of the fort

renovated parts of fort

Kangra Fort main part

i guess this rain water collection pond as there is no other source of water.

View from the fort

Remains of Hindu Temple from the Fort

Hope these works are from 1009 A.D

View of the fort from the Garden

Rock with ancient writting

Description of the rock

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