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Why can’t they use Youth wings of political parties for humanity?

Almost all top political parties of Nepal have their youth wings. Nepali Congress have Tarun Dal, Maoist have YCL and UML have Youth Force. Why these youth wings are there, for political fight? To make strikes? Can’t they be use for some good reasons too?

At early days YCL was used for some community work and they were praised by the people, but later they were extremely used for political fights and strike for which they were even called YOUNG CRIMIAL LEAGUE.

Since few days we have been hearing that some remote district of Nepal like Jajarkot and other neighboring districts of Rukum, Dang, Rolpa and Salyan have been caused by diarrhea epidemic. There are no doctors and medicine. What a shame for us at this era also people are losing life for disease like diarrhea.

Few days ago, our Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattrai went with a team with medicine to these effected area, which is in fact a good work by him.

The question I want to raise is, Maoist who fought for the people, where is their youth wing YCL. Are YCL focused for Kathmandu to hold strikes and political fights? I think every party Congress, UML and Maoist have their youth wings at district level also, where are they right now? It is a good time for them to show their responsibility towards people and gather their sympathy. Are these youth wings just for closing down the road and shops during strikes, fight against each others?

It would have been great if such forces were used for some humanitarian works. The image of political parties and their youth wings get some positive exposure.

These parties say they are for people, they even say they are for poor people. Now what are they doing for these people? Why are they not able to even stop people die for diarrhea? I think it is a right time to deploy their youth wings with some support from doctors and nurses to these effected area and gather people’s sympathy and show the Nepalese people that they are here for people not just for political power.

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