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What might Nepal’s new flag looks like

Right now Nepal government main job is to maintain peace in the country and draft new constitution in time. In every public place meeting the top leaders, members of parliament and ministers have been talking about that they will write down the constitution in time.

In between this there have been many changes, the parliament abolish royal family, made Nepal secular country and many ethnic group started raising voices on what they need.

Anyway we all know about what I mention above. Now let’s talk about the new voice raised by the Communist party of Nepal (Maoist). They want to change the National Flag of Nepal. There have been debates going on about this.

Change the name and flag is not going to make new Nepal or new constitution, we need them to do work, not just to raise voice against unwanted or less priority things. At the moment they should be focusing on how to make the new constitution.

The government took all the word ROYAL from everything where there was ROYAL mention like Royal Nepal Airlines which is now called Nepal Airlines. After taking out royal there is still no improvement in that organization. This is just an example that names does not matter. We need work to be done.

I am really against the concept of changing the flag of Nepal. We have our own identity with that flag. Many people have defined Nepal’s current flag in their own way, and hardly it describe as the symbol of royal family.

Any way what does our Nepal flag might look like if the government or parliament thinks to change the flag?

Nepal’s most look like New Flag

Is this what we need? Changing Nepal’s name, flag, removing royal or previous kings and their family name from organization they were involved or named after them and breaking down their statue is not going to make new Nepal. It is my request to all the leaders, political party and the members of parliament that right now Nepal need a good projection toward progress. We need you people to do some major work of development and make new constitution. Please stop arguing the less priority works like changing flag or renaming the organization name.

Jai Nepal jai Chandra Surya ankit jhanda

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