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Bajrayogini at Sankhu

Bajrayogini @ Shankhu

Hey guys in few weeks’ time there is going to be a festival in one of the ancient city of Nepal , Sankhu. This festival is going to be held from 2 – 4 April 2010.

I was really surprised to get an email from one of the organizer Mr. Suresh Pradhan. He requested me to send him some high resolution picture I took when I visited Shankhu on Bajrayogini Jatra. It’s always a pleasure when someone passes your work and asks for your favor.  I have given few photographs to him so that he can utilize it to make some brochure and posters for advertisement. I hope this festival will be a great success. It is time for people outside Shankhu to know the cultural heritage of this palace and its history. This is also a holy city where every year millions of people visit to take bath on Shali Nadi.

I would like to request if you guys have anything related to Sankhu, pictures videos then please share it with the organizers. If you want to know more about this festival then please download the PDF file.

To share your pictures any information you have on Shankhu then please contact Mr. Suresh Pradhan or Babin Shrestha

Click here to download PDF file on Shankhu Festival

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