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Bisket Jatra the day when Thimi turns into Orange

Color Me Orange

Bisket jatra of Thimi is also known as sindure jatra (Vermilion Powder Festival) as you can see all people face covered with orange color. You will experience a different taste in this particular festival which is celebrated by the newar community of Thimi.

This festival is observed on the 1st Baisakh of the Bikram Sambat (Nepali New Year). This festival is celebrated in honor of the Bal Kumari temple of Thimi. All the deities from all the temples of Thimi are taken out in procession in colorful chariots with Dhimay Baja (Indigenous Music).

Bisket Jatra of Thimi has its own flavor unlike the bisket jatra of Bhaktapur.

I have capture some moments of this year’s bisket jatra of thimi.

Dhimey Baja

Yippy Yippy Yeah

I am goign to get drunked with Thoo (Newari Home made drink) tonight

I still have the energy to participate unlike the Youths

Do i still need to get more Orangee

In future i will lead this festival

I love the sound of this jhyaali

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