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Bryan Adams’ Concert and future of entertainment world in Nepal

Bryan Adams - Bare Bones

Please forgive me” is probably the first song I heard from Bryan Adams. It was my teenage time and his love songs rooted deep inside me. I still love to hear his songs “18 till I die“, “Everything I do I do it for you“, “Here I am” many more to name here.

In Nepal we rarely have some quality concerts and which are memorable. One of the memorable concerts I had attended in Nepal was WORLD MUSIC DAY concert in the year 1995, at Basantapur. After that it was the concert of singer Deepak Bajracharya. His concert was special to the Nepali audience because he hired a sound engineer from Australia and we could feel for the first time what a concert sound should be like.

Talking about Bryan Adams concert, just read what he had tweeted “Just flew over Everest into Katmandu, Nepal. We are the 1st western band to play here. With all the music in the world how is that possible?” he himself is feeling so proud to be the 1st western band to perform in Nepal.

His visit has opened doors for other musical bands also. It has sent a message to the world that Nepal also has people who listen to English music or western music. They have fans here also. This might encourage them to visit Nepal to perform so that in later years we Nepalese will not regret that bands dose not visit Nepal to perform.

It is not that we do not have music festivals in Nepal, every year group of Jazz Music lover have a week long Jazzmandu festival where they invite jazz bands from different country to perform at different venues like Durbar Square.

I am sure people of my age and elder than me who grew up listening to him had dream of attending Bryan Adams concert when they were young. Their dream is going to be true now and they know the lyrics by heart and will sing along with Bryan.

It is not that we did not had western celebrities in past, Mick Jagger from Rolling Stones, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner (Sting, former The Police vocalist), Ricky Martin has visited Nepal, but they did not perform here. We wished they had performed for us here at the time of their visit.

Anyway if this Bryan Adams’ concert gets successful, I am sure it will boost the entertainment industry of our country, may be it will help stop the talents to migrate to USA in future.

May be many Indian Entertainment groups are watching this event, because they know there is a big market for Bollywood in Nepal. With this concert they can see the security arrangements and the potential of doing such concerts or programs in Nepal. In future it will help for other musical bands and Indian stars to perform in Nepal. Imagine next IIFA awards in Kathmandu with crowded Bollywood stars, other legendary Bands like Pink Floyd, The Eagles and Eric Clapton giving their concerts in Nepal.

I hope this concert will be staged well in Kathmandu and will open the doors for entertainment world to enter Nepal and let the Nepalese also get taste of international music and celebrities.

I am missing this concert as currently I am not in Kathmandu but getting updated by my friends through Facebook. This concert means a lot for music lovers and people related to entertainment world in Nepal.

Love you Bryan Adams and wish you visit Nepal in future too.

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