Mar 22

Bhairab Naach - Festival of the Newar community in Pokhara

Bhairab Naach – Festival of the Newar community in Pokhara

Where ever there is a Newar community you will experience different kind of festivals. The Newar’ festival is not only limited to just Kathmandu Valley, but they have taken their culture to different places in Nepal where they have settled from many generations.

This festival of Pokhara is unique in itself. It had a documented history of more than 270 years, but locals say it existed from more than that time period. Previously, this festival was celebrated in every 12 years’ time but now they celebrate this in every 6 years.

This festival of Bhairab Naach shows how rich the Newar community is and how hard they work to preserve their tradition and culture. During this event, they perform different types of dance from different goddess. They are 4 Kumari, 4 Bhairab, 1 Ganesh, 1 Dagini and 2 Kauncha Bhucha. There are many people who sing with different raga and they are called ragi and musicians who play the Newari music.

Watch videos of this festivals:

Bhairab Naach

Bhairab Naach in Pokhara

Bhairab Naach in Pokhara

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  1. Paras Kunwar Says:

    Great work, rightly said we must preserve our tradition, culture and rituals. In this age of modernization and westernization we are slowly and gradually loosing our glorious history. In the name of modernization and globalization we are culturally invaded.

    Save Nepal its culture, language,tradition and respect the diversity.

  2. BIjen Says:

    Wonderful Great Job

  3. Subin Says:

    Nice seeing those great pics of Bhairav Naach. Well it was also a dose to recollect our pokhara trip long time back 🙂

  4. Ashish Says:

    Great job dude , you have captured not only pictures but also the story tells a lot . keep it up .

  5. Binod Says:

    good work man… love ur commitment towards festivals of Nepal… keep up the good work… have u been to Pokhara this time… hope u met Saroj back home ….

  6. Pratik Says:

    Bright and clear pictures..
    Mainly liked kaali bhairab and khyachha bhuccha pics..

    Great photography and mainly loved ur work toward preserving our culture and making other people to know about this festival too..

  7. Parihash Says:

    Really Awesome PICTURES………..

  8. Aquila Says:

    excellent pictures and interesting article!!! Keep it up!!…. You’re good!!

  9. SamirG Says:

    Sangesh, Simply hats off dude. No words about your short info about the Bhairab Naach of Pokhara.

    The First Photo is a Superb Shot.

  10. Nagendra mama Says:

    Ekdam ramrod chha

  11. Ramesh mama Says:

    Kya cheese lagyo photo khicheko keep it on

  12. niran Says:


  13. Mrigesh Says:

    Nice Pictures Sangesh… Great !!!

  14. khusbu Says:

    nice pic……….

  15. Shakeel Shrestha Says:

  16. Ruman Shrestha Says:

    Great photo-essay with short but valuable information. I liked all photos. Very good job! well done Sangesh … 🙂

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