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My Auto Book – Memory reloaded

Sangesh shrestha - Auto BookGambhir Man Maskey sir’s tuition and my frens JAM from there we still hold a strong bond

Hey guys remember good old days? I am sure you guys do remember it and wish to get back to that time and feel the moment. During that time many of us used to make a memory book commonly known as AUTO BOOK which we used give our beloved friends to write something that can bond us in future.

Now it’s an era of Facebook and we don’t need such auto book any more, but still memory remains. How many of you guys have gone through that old auto book? How many still has it? How many of you have sold it to “khali sisi poorana kaagaz”? and how many of you after reading this post thought of it and wanted to look it into your store room?

I have it with me all the time in my room and just wanted to share some of the pages with you. It’s really fun to go through it and remember old days.

Friends will be Friends right till the end.

Cheers guys

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Sanjay – Future CEO of some BANK 🙂

Subin – Nepal’s future bill gates who had a dream to buy Borland

Mr. Colorful Bijendra – Your head my head color red 🙂

Brajesh – Mr. Raven

More Pictures are loaded on my Facebook

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