Nov 30

The above picture was published on today’s Kantipur Daily Newspaper and the news says that these ducks were killed because they were effected by Bird Flu. We see in the picture that the healthcare official from the government are wearing a safety dress and killing the ducks. what about the kids who are watching it so closely? won’t they get effected by the Bird Flu?

Who should be blamed if these kids get effected? Hope such things will not happen in future.

3 Responses to “What can we learn from this picture ?”

  1. S.K. Says:

    So here we see how they have sorted people according to their importance
    1. Epidemic prevention task force (most important)
    2. Birds (important but can be killed)
    3. Kids (least important)
    i remember seeing a footage last year out here here in which the team wearing these white suits and chasing chickens with a stick and beating to cull those.

  2. Pippo Kamara Says:

    Can we then grade the above three in this manner?
    1. Epedemic A+
    2. Birds B+
    3. Our children the fure of tomorrow D-( How do we give hope to these poor kids if we fail to provide for them?
    What will be the cost of the white suit won by those expacts?
    (Comments from Sierra Leone – Western Africa)

  3. Yamuna Says:

    Oh my god, even the photographer nor the publisher is aware of the seriousness of the photograph. The caption tells it. THey have just written about the culling of the birds. This just total negligance.

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