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Glimpses of Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon 2011, Bangkok

It was a great experience to watch Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon 2011, Bangkok at 3 am. I was invited by our Nepali participant Mr. Mahendra Man Maharjan and his coach our veteran player Mr. Baikuntha Manandhar.

It was a memorable time to watch the start of the game and talk with Mr. Manandhar. He shared his past experience with me and my other friends Dr. Ashish Subedi from Nepal and Mr. Hilal and Mr. Alam from Pakistan. There were many runners from around the world of different age.

Dr. Ashish with Mr. Baikuntha Manandhar and Mr. Mahendra Man Maharjan

Organizers of the event

Thai lady in traditional thai dress

Mr. Alam with Spider-man and Superman, it’s such a pity our super heroes did not win this marathon

Coach and his Player all set for the run

who is best in south asia, Nepal or India (Indian runner from Mumbai)

Can you beat me in this marathon ? 60’s Thai runner challenging our Mahendra dai

Reserved spot for African Runners 🙂

Big responsibility, have to take care of the runner

Ready get set and ………..

……. go

when that number gets 2012, I want to be part of it if i will be here in Bangkok

*update Our Nepali runner came 7th position in 40+ category completing the race in 3:08 hours. details here

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