Jun 19

As I went through Wikipedia about Global warming, it states that “Since the early 20th century, Earth’s mean surface temperature has increased by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F), with about two-thirds of the increase occurring since 1980. Scientists are more than 90% certain that it is primarily caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation”.

As we look at the above statement, we have to admit it. From 19th century human have developed and invented many things, these things has made our current life easy. Travel has been easy, communication is fast and we can make the room temperature as we wish to and have electric lights inside caves.

My question is, what all those inventions that we use every day to make our life easy, produce? I think everyone would say heat. We are producing heat continuously every now and then. Mobile phones, tablet PC, computers, vehicles, electric bulbs, television, motor vehicles and don’t even get me started on residential air conditioning systems… These are some items I have listed which we use simultaneously or one after another and they produce heat every time we use them.

I am curious to know how much heat we are producing every second. Is there any way to measure that? May be there are, but might be too complicated and difficult. I got an idea not to measure the heat every individual is producing, but to know the effect of entire world, it may sound crazy but I wish if we can do it.

My idea is why not the whole world stops using every thing for a day. I think we can do it. No computers, no Mobiles phone, no vehicles on the streets and black out everywhere (exception for medical treatment). For one day it might be fun, relax day and a day to spend time with your loved ones leaving everything that the modern world gave us.

It might sounds crazy but if the whole world stops everything at the same time for 24 hours, it might help us to know how much temperature change is measured in different part of the world. I am sure that at least there will be some fraction of change in temperature.

I don’t know what you people who are reading this blog might think about it. Maybe you guys say I am crazy or maybe you will give a thought on it. Hope to get some comments on my thought from all you readers.

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  1. Rajesh Says:

    It’s a good one bro. Keep writing. Hope to see some more from you. Nice one. I really appreciate this.


    Keep going. Though some environmentalist might prefer to differ on the issues of global warming and the reasons behind it, we can’t ignore the fact that the earth is warming up and the glaciers have been found to be melting from below and not from above as the new research has shown.

  2. bluzogonlinenews Says:

    we have to control the global warming.It is the major problem that we are facing and we will face more difficculties in future if it goes continue. thank you for such information,it will help to create awareness among the people.

  3. Nortehanon Says:

    Umn, perhaps not stop using everything altogether because it might cause chaos in the world. What should be done is moderation in everything, and wise use of resources. I, for example, do my share by avoiding the use of a mobile phone on weekends when I am not at work. Also, if I am going somewhere else and it is not too far, I just try to walk rather than be in a vehicle. I know these are just small things but if we all do our share even in our own humble small ways, it would equate to a great effort and would translate to a big improvement in the our temperature.

  4. Shekhar Chhetry Says:

    Good point, keep up writing continuously. The main thing is remember that the global warming situation which is smoothly grooming day by day is it effect of all the developed country, they need more and more money to keep world under his grip.

  5. Tun Tun Latt Says:

    Good point Sanjesh, I really appreciate your thought over this Global Warming issue. Just to pick one point to the blackout day! I fully agree with the advantages of your point of view over that day. But there will be one disadvantage! I notice!
    The effect of this black out day will be ” over population in the future of our Globe”.
    Since there is no phone,no TV, no music, no electric, no business, no work….., we will spend the whole day and night with our love one in the darkness. Consequently, we will produce more children!!!
    Eventually, there will be the danger of “over population in the future of our Globe”.

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