Apr 14

Wishing you a Happy New Year from Thimi
Wish You All Happy New Year

Every community in world celebrates New Year and each of them have their own style to celebrate. In Nepal we celebrate half a dozen New Year and they all have its own identity. Some new year are celebrated by specific community, some by whole nation and some as an international festival.

Today is our National Calendar new year which is called Bikram Sambat (B.S). In Kathmandu valley city like Thimi and Bhaktapur have their own way to celebrate this new year. You can see more information on it on my old blog about how they celebrate in Thimi.

Here are few pictures from the 1st Baisakah 2071 B.S if time permits I will go tomorrow morning to capture some more pictures. Till then Wish you all Happy New Year 2071 B.S and enjoy the pictures.

Music and dance, it is all part of celebration

Carrying chariot of God

Color me orange

Not only Orange, I need some Black

I’m not drunken, take my picture please

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  1. Sbna Says:

    Really nice pictures.

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