Oct 24

Namaste - Wish You Happy New Year Nepal Sambat 1135Namaste – Wish You Happy New Year Nepal Sambat 1135

Lakhe too wishing Happy New year
Lakhe too wishing Happy New year

Smiles smiles smiles - Smiles everywhere
Smiles smiles smiles

and more smiles
and more smiles

Nepal Sambat celebrations

Procession during the Nepal Sambat celebrations

Lakhe in the Nepal Sambat procession

Lakhe Naach - Nepal Sambat celebrations

Women in traditioinal Newari attaire
A big smile, Newari ladies

A young child dressed in the traditional newari dress

And finally a little lady in a traditional Newari Dress

5 Responses to “Nhudaya Bhintuna – Glimpses of celebration of Nepal Sambat 1135”

  1. Samir Says:

    Nice collections of shot, love those ladies with the baskets on the hand & that little girl.

  2. sangesh Says:

    Thanks Samir

  3. Jayesh Says:

    Lovely pics… Missed the moment

  4. sangesh Says:

    Always a NEXT time dai, we will meet up soon for photography

  5. Pranishan Rajbhandari Says:

    beautiful pics

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