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Our Heritage after Earthquake

I am still here, i am your Hope I am your dream I am your eyes of peace

25th April 2015, marked as a black day in the history of Nepal as we were struck by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. I want to write my experience on this but i don’t have words to describe it.

It’s the day we lost our ancient culture and heritage. Beside the human casualties, we lost many of our Temples, Palace and small town full of history.

Here i have capture some of the picture after the earthquake. I missed one main monument of Kathmandu darahara as I don’t want to capture the remains of that as i lost my landmark from Kathmandu. Till a decade ago i used to use it as a map direction.

Kalmochan, Tripureshwore

In the blink of an eye, it’s gone

Old couple from Bhaktapur

It is there but Damage, Changunaryan

An old town turned into rubble, Shankhu

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