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Indra Jatra – Kathmandu smiles back after the earthquake

Chariot of Kumari, Lakhe and Pulukisi

Nepal is still in pain as it tries to heal the wounds after the devastating earthquake. Amidst the aftershocks, there are old houses which are standing with support in the aisle of Kathmandu. Indra Jatra is a festival which is celebrated by pulling the chariot of lord Ganesh, Bhairav and Kumari in these aisle.

This year the organizers have made a few changes in the way the festival is celebrated so that they can be completed early, not taking it beyond the evening lights so that the participants can enjoy the jatra in safe way.

We Nepalese are really rich in culture and we don’t want to have any excuse not to celebrate it. Even after few months of earthquake which almost took all the heritage site of basantapur area, a large number of people turned out to celebrate the festival with excitement and smile.

Kumari walking towards  the chariot

Kumari – The living Goddess


Used to have a Heritage Kasthamandap here, but it’d gone because of Earthquake

Gaddhi Bhaithak

There used to be Kasthamandap where the people are standing

Samay Baji

Lakhe Dance

Pulukisi Dance

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