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Indra Jatra’s ladies day 2073

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For the past few years, long festivals in Kathmandu valley started allocating a day just for girls. There is a special day where only girls pull the Red Macchindra Charoit. Similarly during Indra Jatra too there is one day allocated for girls to pull the chariot of Kumari, Ganesh and Bhairab.

In the evening, there is a special function that goes on at the Swet Bhairab temple during the week-long festival of Indra Jatra. This temple is open during this festival only.

Here every day homemade alcohol is sprinkled to the crowd gathered there and then the stream of alcohol is dropped with the pipe from the idol’s mouth where the youth of Kathmandu show their power to drink it.

Today, the day is separated just for girls so that they can show their power and get down to that pipe to drink it. I have waited a few years to capture the woman’s power. This year I got to capture some of this moment.


They all Rocked the night
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