Nov 17

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There is no doubt that Kathmandu valley is rich in culture, heritage and festivals. Everyday somewhere in the city there is some festival going on. Kathmandu is also known as the city of temples and all these temples hold one festival or another.

Chabahil is one of the old center in Kathmandu with its own history. It is near to Bouddha and Pashupatinath. Besides that, history has it that Princess Charumati, daughter of Emperor Ashoka built a Buddhist bihar here, one of the oldest bihar in town, which is known as Charumati bihar.

Chandra Binayak temple, located at Chabahil itself, is dedicated to lord Ganesh. On full moon, 15th day after Laxmi Pooja, locals hold a festival which runs for 4 days. On the last day of the festival the chariot of lord Ganesh and Bhairav is taken around the ally of Chabahil.

People celebrate this day by dancing and playing with Sindoor.

Here are some glimpses of the festivals.

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