Nov 13

Kartik Naach festival being shown in Patan Durbar Square, Nepal

In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu has 10 different avatar and one of them is of Narsingha.

The musical play which is played at Patan Durbar Square every year features the story of Pralad, Hiranyakaishapu and Narsingha avatar. This musical dance show is more than 300 years old and still the local people of Patan have preserved it and perform this every year.

Here I have few snap shots of this musical play.

Guards of HiranyakaishapuGuards of Hiranyakaishapu

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Pralad the son of Hiranyakaishapu
Pralad, son of Hiranyakaishapu

Narsingha Avatar during the kartik naach at Patan Durbar Square
Narsingha Avatar

Entry of the Lord Narshingha Avatar

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Narsingh Avatar during Kartik Naach

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  1. Amol Acharya Says:

    Nice pics dude. But it would be nice to see you too among one of those colorful dancers. haha

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