Sep 09

Indra Jatra, Das Avatar, show, play, festivals, kathmandu, newars, Nepal

Indra Jatra is not just related to Living goddess Kumari. She has been the center of attraction in the festival as her chariot is taken around the Old city of Kathmandu. There are lots of activities during this festival and one of them is showing of das avatar (10 incarnation).

This show happen in front of Kumari Ghaar (Lord Kumari House) around 9 at night. Every year they show different stories from Hindu Mythology.

Here are some picture from the show.

Pulukisi, elephant, Kilagal, kathmandu, nepal, newars, newars, Kumari, Indra Jatra

Lakhe, indra Jatra, Nepal, Kathmandu, Newar, Festivals



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