Apr 14

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Bisket Jatra at bhaktapur is celebrated for 9 days, on the last day of the year a linga is elevated at Lyosingkhel . The task of elevating the linga is very risky. Needs lots of engineering. Even in this morden era, these festivals are celebrated using the ancient technology. I never had the chance to witness this event before. This year I got the opportunity to see and capture some beautiful pictures.

Local youths and visitors participated in the event to lend a hand to lift the linga.

Often, the bisket jatra at bhaktapur is always linked to some accidents where some times people even have injures or accidental deaths. Even today as I witnessed this festival such a mishap too place. At the end of the elevation after all the ropes were pulled many people dispersed, I saw some kids and women fell from stairs due to the rampage. Some injuries were reported. Due to the accident I was unable not capture the main moment which I was waiting for.

I would like to request the festival management team to take precaution and inform the participants and observers what to do , what not to do and create a safe area where observers can watch the festivals without any trouble.

Bhaktapur, Biska, Bisket, Jatra, Festivals

biska, bisket, nepal, bhaktapur

biska, linga, bisket, jatra


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