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Trek to Gokyo lake and Gokyo Ri (Day1 and 2)

Namche Bazar under the clouds

Trekking has been like a addiction to me. After doing Annapurna Base camp and Tilicho Lake, I always wanted to do at least one trekking at Khumbu area.

For me, I think I need to dream about it and after sometime the doors to that dream will opens. Same thing happens to me this time. I was planning to go trekking to Langtang area with my friend Akash, but same time I got a call from my friend from India Mr. Ajay that he is taking 2 weeks leave from his flying job and wants to trek with me to Everest base camp.

Akash didn’t want to go this time due to his busy schedule during the time Ajay set for trekking. So me and Ajay were ready to explore the Khumbu area. Since Ajay is not a good walker, I wanted to get some suggestion from my friend who is a guide and do lots of trekking there. So, I planned to meet Mr. Samde Sherpa.

As I told him our time duration we allot for the trekking and our priority, he suggested us to go to Gokyo rather than going to Everest Base camp (EBC). He knows that I am a hobbyist photographer, so he said I will get good landscape around Gokyo rather than EBC.
So, finally on 15th November we booked our ticket to Lukla. Mr.Samde called his friend Mr. Bibhusan at lukla for porter and gave some list that we should carry for our trekking.

First day – 15th November 2018

Our flight was schedule for 7:30 but our flight number was changed. I want to complain Tara Air management about all these miss management by ground staff at the airport. Wished I had noted down the name and took the picture of the lady staff who was happier to serve foreigners.

Our flight changed with no information

Finally, we had our flight around 9:30, I have heard about lukla airport that it Is one of the dangerous airport in the world, so I had mixed feeling. I had fear and excitement both with me during the flight. Had a brief view of mountains during our flight. Landing in this airport was exciting as your fly between the hills and lands. At some turns it’s really thrilling.

After reaching Lukla airport, I called Mr. Bibhusan who runs Everest Plaza lodge there. He had already arranged a porter for us.

We met our porter Mr. Dil Tamang at the airport and then we went to Mr. Bibhusan’s lodge. At Everest plaza, we had our lunch and planned our trek route. Today we planned go up to Phakding which is 3 hours trek and stay there.

Around 1 PM we started out trek from lukla towards Phakding. At first my friend Ajay had to pay a tax for Khumbu Pasang Lamu Rural Municipality (for Nepali no need to pay) and then the downhill towards Phakding starts. We came across some Sherpa village on the way. Chheplung, Thado Koshi and Ghat were some notable villages which has tea houses and lodge for night stay.

Around 4 pm we reached our destination Mountain Resort at Phakding. While trekking, talking to other trekkers, Guides and poters is always useful. Here also I met some people who were going to Everest base camp, some doing the Chola Pass and Renjola Pass.

Day 2 – 16th November 2018

After morning breakfast, we started our trek towards Namche Bazar. We will ascend almost 800 meters. On the way after 30 minutes’ walk, we saw the first sight of a mountain Thamserku.

We came across small Sherpa village Benkar and Tuk Tuk. We reached Monjo almost after 2 hour where we had to pay another National Park entry fee.

Dudh Koshi river

From this year the government of Nepal has started collecting the fee from Nepalese tourist too. After an hour of walk, we reached Jorshale where we had our lunch. This is a last village before Namche with hotel and tea house.

From Jorshale we walk on the banks of river doodh koshi for 30 minutes, then we crossed a long suspension bridge at Larja Dobhan which is also called Hillary Bridge.

From hear we to walked 3 hour uphill to Namche Bazar.

Trails to Namche

We reached Top Danda after 2 hour walk from the bridge, it is the first view point from where we can get the glimpse of mount Everest.

My Friend Ajay had a difficult time while walking up to Namche bazar from Larja Dobhan. I need to thank our porter Mr. Dil for encouraging Ajay and made up to Namche bazar. 

After reaching Namche, we stayed at Hotel Kamal. Ajay was fully exhausted as he don’t have regular exercise for experience of walking hours.

One thing that I noticed here which is different than my previous treks was that, from the start of our trek there were trash bin made of small huts and a rest place for trekkers and porter on the way .

Trash collecting hut for plastic and glass separate and resting place at side.

Thamserku Himal first view on the way to Namche Bazar

Information for tourist on Do’s and Don’ts while you are in National Park

Trekkers walking on the banks of River Doodh Koshi

Lukla Airport

Namche Bazar under the clouds

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