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Parking Problem In Kathmandu

It’s been like half decade that we are facing a big problem for vehicle parking in Kathmandu. I still remember we used to park bike single lane at New Road and we used to pay 1 rupee. After the maoist insurgency the over flow of people all over Nepal to Kathamndu valley for safety made the valley to grow very fast and un-systematically.

I want to point out the problem I am facing every single day. I own an Orthotics and Prosthetics clinic ORTHOPEDICA at Kopundole in my own house. It has been there for last 27 years. People did not have any problem reaching my office till few years back. But in recent time due to the unsystematic parking at Kumari Galli on the way to my house has created a huge problem.

I have requested the Traffic Police, they give reason that they don’t have tow vehicle. They suggested me to put on the no parking board. I did that but no one cares about that board.

I complain about it to my ward office. The officers from ward said they have talked with traffic police and will solve the problem. I am waiting for last 1 year for them to solve it. One of the members said that he has ordered the no parking board and it’s been 1 year and he gives me silly reason that the person whom he ordered has not finished it yet.

There are few stories that came across when I raised my voice against these un-systematic parking.

1.            One person parked his car whole day blocking the way to my house. He said he thought it’s a dead end and there is a way for a bike to pass. At this time, I called a traffic police and he did charge him with illegal parking and issued him a ticket.

2.            There used to be a single line parking, after some time it became double parking. I saw a person parking there and said him not to park there. He said my office is just above here. I said your office here does not mean you can park here blocking the road.

3.            It was at night I saw 2 cars side by side parking blocking my way. I waited for some time and the owner came, when I said you are blocking my way. And he said, “Oh I did not see that there is a right turn, I thought it was dead end.”

4.            Once I tried to shift the bike and it fell and his bike some plastic part got broke, he came running and said he will call police and take action on me, I just told him your bike was blocking my way and this is not a parking zone. Go call, I will ask traffic police to take action on you. That guy went quietly.

These are just few examples and I face with them every single day. There is a guy who owns a restaurant and at night he put on a stall in front of Kumari Mandir from where the side road to my house start and it is also a big problem.  

This has been a long stand problem not just for me, but the residents living nearby, so who going to solve this problem?

Never got response in real ( just got reply on twitter )

That Umbrella of a restaurant and Bike Garage on the opposite site another factor making the road narrow

few times traffic police came and took action ( that white car is mine and the red one blocked my way )
Here is the Video

Solving the Parking Problem: How Social Media Can Help

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