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Good things that went around the world due to this Corona Virus (COVID19) Pandemic

Swayembhunath as seen from my house terrace

The current world we live in is so advance. We have solution of everything. That was what I use to think few months back. The current crisis that novel corona virus created made me think are we so advance yet? The world is fighting back with the virus and still no one has solution for it yet beside keeping your self-isolated from public, if you are suspect then from your family members too.

At the same time with all these isolation and lockdown there is something good happening to this beautiful planet.

  1. Family Time
    Since everyone is locked in their houses, families have been spending more time together. The kids especially are spending full time with their parents. It is good for family to have a bonding time with each other.
  2. Less Pollution
    Currently the industries are mostly closed and vehicular movements are almost negligible. This thus has helped in decreased air and sound pollution. We must all have realized in these few days that the sky looks cleaner and clear blue. Since there is no man-made noise pollution, we can even hear the birds chirping. It is certainly giving some positive vibes, back to the nature feeling and also some mentally fresh feeling.
  3. Mother Nature Healing
    We have used a lot of resources from mother nature. Its high time that we let mother nature heal, to revive its glory back and give back to us which we have forgotten.

With the pandemic, there will certainly be huge financial crisis in most of the sector in the whole world. But with the change in nature and environment people will come with fresh and good mental health and this will help to fight back the situation created.

Monastery at chovar
Himalaya as seen from my house
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