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Hanumandokha durbar square and Taleju temple during a lockdown

Taleju Bhawani

It’s been almost 2 months that we are under lock. Few weeks back I got the opportunity to visit Bouddha, Swayambhu, and Patan Durbar Square and took some pictures of those heritage sites. This week I was able to visit Kathmandu durbar square.

Taleju Bhawani temple has always fascinated me. I just love this temple. Even during the earthquake in 2015, I was so worried about this temple. The main reason immediately after the earthquake I went to Kathmandu durbar square with my camera was just to see if this temple is fine. The story about that incident you can read in my blog about the earthquake.

I thought this time I will just be the person around this place and capture the beauty of this place without any sign of people around. But the scenario was different, actually I had to wait for people to cross my frame to capture. In some places, I could not avoid them.

Here are some pictures that I have captured. Enjoy watching them.

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