May 15

Yeti, mascot of Visit Nepal 2020

Lock down a.k.a house arrest. It has been more than 50 days now. Many family have been financially struggling and more families will soon face financial hardships. Good thing is that there is still good supply of basic daily necessities like food and medicine.

Looking at the current situation of this pandemic, in last few days, there has been a surge in positive cases of Covid-19 virus in Nepal. The most cases have been from people who sneaked in from the Indian border.

Many Nepalese had some sort of hope that the government will allow people to open their business and that the people can join their work. The situation has been complete different now.

Now, due to the increase in cases in recent days, it seems we will be in lock down period for more days or weeks.

As a medical person I have to visit different hospitals located in different location inside Kathmandu to supply orthosis on doctors’ call. As a hobbyist photographer I took this as an opportunity.

I visited some heritage sites inside Kathmandu valley during my visit to these medical centers. I went to Patan Durbar Square, Bouddhanath and Syambhunath to take few picture during this lock down period.

Lets pray for world peace and cure from this Covid-19 pandemic soon. Please stay home and enjoy these pictures. We will travel to our historic sites soon. Remember we can beat this virus together.

Patan Durbar Square



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