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The pain of having overconfident Prime Ministers

Prime Ministers of Nepal (Picture collected from different sources)

The first Prime Minister that I know was Late Mr. Marich Man Shrestha. It was during my primary school days that one of the teachers ask us “who is the Prime Minister Of Nepal” and the class said, Mr. Marich Man Shrestha. At his time we saw blockade from India. I still remember staying in the queue for kerosene, sugar, and salt.

After a few years of his tenure, we saw a big political change in Nepal and Nepalese were gifted Democracy with the king in the constitution. By this time I was able to understand some politics, what going on in the country and outside.

I was surprised when Mr. Girija Prasad dissolve his majority parliament, how Mr. Madan Bhandari was killed and how injured Prime Minister Mr. Man Mohan Adhikari was forced to resign. Since that incident, I have never seen any party running the government for a full 5 years.

Then come the Surprising Maoist revolution. The day they announced the revolution, I was having a private tuition for my upcoming SLC (High School) examination. I still recall my teacher saying that now we will face a hard time, it’s an unfortunate decision by the Maoist Party.

I used to think why they have to start this revolution, it’s even not been 5 years that Nepal had a multi-party system. My childish mind used to ask how can we see drastic development in a few years. I felt the Maoist revolution was a little too early.

Ask my generation how many Nepal bandh we faced during this insurgency? To tell the fact, I used to miss my science practical class almost every time. In 14 practical classes, for the exam, I just had to prepare for 4 topics as 10 classes were missed due to Nepal Bandh.

At first, what kind of revolution the Maoist want, I was not aware of it. But when the revolution news at first came on the news, it was kind of attraction which made me what they are doing is right. Now you may ask why? do you guys remember the Advertisement that Nepal Television used to air which Unicef Nepal made for girl’s education.

Unicef- Nepal advertisement for girl’s education

This video played a great role in my mind to support Maoist activities in the early days. As the news used to say landlord or some big person from the village are attacked or killed. I used to think of the scenario of that advertisement and used to say maybe that person was like that old guy from the advertisement.

This game of instable government went on and on. Meantime the Royal Massacre happen and we lost our beloved Royal Family. New King came, thought he will act harshly with Maoist, but that did not happen. I felt that people surrounding him or advisors he chose for his office were wrong. He too dissolve the elected parliament.

I was supporting his action for removing the then Prime Minister and start the talk with the Maoist. As we know every party got a chance to resolve the problem but none could succeed and that was the last option. Anyone who would have been at King Gyanendra Position at that time had taken the same action. After that what happened, we all know. Let’s not discuss it.
Now let’s talk about the last parliamentary election we had. I always wanted a single party to have a majority in parliament.

The unification of Maoist with UML had almost made me think that they will have a majority this time. I Was happy finally Nepal will have a majority government, but then again the news broke that 2 presidents of the unified party will be Prime Minister for two and a half years each. That was the most annoying decision from a party with a majority in parliament. I still remember the first Interview of Prachanda a.k.a Mr. Puspa Kamal Dahal where he and Mr. Baburam Bhattarai said that they don’t have any greed for Prime Minister post and they will act like Mahatma Gandhi.

Before Mr. K.P Oli became Prime Minister for the first time, I had an opportunity to meet him at my office. Looking at his condition I was thinking that how a person with kidney disease like him will handle the post of Prime Minister.

If we get a headache we can not concentrate on our work, how a person like him can give 100% in his office and work for the nation. But still, he is running his office as a full active Prime Minister, even when he was hospitalized he did not give power to deputy Prime Minister. Let’s pray that his health gets better after a recent 2nd kidney transplant and runs the government for a full 5 years.

Here are a few questions in my mind now on our current Prime Minister.

  1. The latest hot topic is that Nepal released the new geographical map of Nepal with an extended border with India and china according to Sughauli treaty. We know every time there is an election after the Multi-Party System was introduced, the disputed land of Kalapani is in the front line with the communist leaders.
    In recent days I came to know that the origin of the Mahakali river is the main issue. Now my question to our Prime Minister that he was the main person behind the treaty Nepal had with India which is called Mahakali Treaty, at that time why they did not resolve the origin of this river? how can they have a treaty on the river water whose source still is a dispute.
  2. Just a day ago Member Of parliament Mr. Gagan Thapa raised some question on the immunity of Nepali, and look at his answer. How can he reply in that way in the parliament?
Mr. Gagan Thapa’s question and our Prime Minister Answer in parliament

There are many other incidents about our Prime Minister, but these 2 incidents forced me to write this blog.

I am a citizen of this country who wants a stable, sensible, strong, healthy and eligible Prime Minister with the majority of supporter for him in the parliament who can run for full 5 years with a vision for the development of the country and its citizens like me.

Jai Nepal

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