Nov 21

One of the iconic monuments of Kathmandu Valley, Rani Pokhari was also damaged by the 2015 A.D (2072 B.S ) earthquake. It took 5 years to renovate, and there were too many obstacles during the renovation.

Some wanted to add commercial value to it, some were ready to make the pond in Swimming pool style. There was a debate in the construction of the Balgopaleshwore temple in the middle also. After the 1933A.D (1990 B.S ) earthquake also it was damaged and the government at that time changed the design of the temple.

This time heritage activists strongly requested the government to make the temple with the design before the 1933 A.D earthquake.

Here are some pictures of the Rani Pokhari and Balgopaleshwore temple.

Balgopaleshwore temple with Durbar High School in background

The temple made after 1933 A.D earthquake 

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