Feb 04

It’s been quite a while since I have done any nature photography. This weekend called up a few friends to join me for an early morning photography trip to a hill in the west of Kathmandu known as Dahachok.

This hill area is famous for Kalu Pande samadhi. Kalu Pande is a great warrior of the Gorkha arm who fought for the Gorkha royals who were fighting with the neighboring state for expansion which led to the current borders of the Nepal kingdom.

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Aug 26

Factors Affecting Water Resistance in Replica Watches

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Affordable Alternatives to Genuine Waterproof Watches
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It’s been quite a long time since I have walked long. Had a few plans for short treks and hike but were not able to manage them. A few days back my friends plan for a short hike but were not able to choose the place. They asked to me choose a destination and join them for a Saturday hike.
Jamachoo has always attracted me as it’s always seen whenever I point my camera to the north side of Kathmandu valley, it pops up in my photographs.

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Nov 21

One of the iconic monuments of Kathmandu Valley, Rani Pokhari was also damaged by the 2015 A.D (2072 B.S ) earthquake. It took 5 years to renovate, and there were too many obstacles during the renovation.

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Sep 16

When FIFA announced the goal projects for Nepal, I had thoughts that Nepal’s football will just turn upside down in a blink of an eye. That was what my initial thoughts and Mr. Ganesh Thapa was the president of ANFA. I had some crazy thoughts after that, at least Nepal will be a powerhouse of South Asia in a decade or so as I felt Nepalese love football more than any other south Asian country besides Bangladesh.

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Aug 01
My Childhood football playing friends

I have never played in club-level football tourneys but I have been familiar with Nepalese football since my childhood. The passion is still there. I still play futsal with my old friends now and then. As I was growing up, I used to go to Dashrath Stadium to watch games. Those days were something else. Stadium used to be full of spectators back then. I still remember some unforgettable moments of Nepalese football. You can pick your spot inside one of the greatest stadiums ever built, just buy Manchester United tickets allowing you to see your most anticipated fixture or multiple matches at Old Trafford. You can also stay on top of your favorite sports statistics with these sports betting picks here. Check out the current picks now at the   ีUFABET website!

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Jun 11
Prime Ministers of Nepal (Picture collected from different sources)

The first Prime Minister that I know was Late Mr. Marich Man Shrestha. It was during my primary school days that one of the teachers ask us “who is the Prime Minister Of Nepal” and the class said, Mr. Marich Man Shrestha. At his time we saw blockade from India. I still remember staying in the queue for kerosene, sugar, and salt.

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Jun 04

It’s been more than 2 months we are in lockdown. I got the opportunity to visit Bhaktapur this time. Whenever I introduce Bhaktapur, I call it “Living History” as I see the traditional house and still old people wearing a traditional Newari dress.

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