Oct 29

The Beauty of Rani Pokhari

Chhath is one of the biggest festival of eastern Terai of Nepal, and Bihar and Jhaarkhand state of India. The Chhath Puja is performed in order to thank Surya (Sun) for sustaining life on earth and to request the granting of certain wishes.
Since the migration of people from Terai to Kathmandu valley, now this festival is not just observed in terai. It is becoming more popular every year in kathmandu and Locals have also started to celebrate it with their friends from terai.

In Kathmandu, Rani Pokhari is main attraction place for people celebrating Chhath . The other places where is can be observed are the banks of river Bagmati around Kalmochan Ghat, Kopundole, Thapathali, Pashupati and many more places beside Bagmati river. Some picture from Rani pokhari are here.

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Oct 25

Lakhe – A demon to protect humans is a folklore of Newari culture of Nepal. A special dance is perform every year on different occasion in Kathmandu valley and cities with Newar community. Dancer performs wearing a Lakhe costume and mask on the streets and city squares during festivals. The dance at the time of Indra Jatra is popular among people.

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Oct 24

Namaste - Wish You Happy New Year Nepal Sambat 1135Namaste – Wish You Happy New Year Nepal Sambat 1135

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Sep 13

Photo taken in front of Swet Bhairab during Indra Jatra with Mr. Subin Kumar Kushle

How does the new face of Swet Bhairav Look ?

Today was the last day of Indra Jatra. I wanted to take some picture of girls day of Indra Jatra, which happens to be on 3rd day which came to know today. I got wrong information that today was girls day. It would have been fun capturing all these crazy girls trying reach the pipe that’s coming out from the Swet Bhairav mouth to get the taste of drinks which will make them more crazy.

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Sep 08

Kumari - The Living Goddess
Living Goddess Kumari

Festivals are always with colors, smile and fun. Nepal is a country with lots of festivals and Indra Jatra is one of the main festival from Kathmandu valley. It had a long history with bitter truth, but still people celebrate this big festival and try to forget about that bitter truth. This was the day when the Kingdom of Kathmandu was anxed to Gorkha Kingdom by King Prithivi Naryan Shah.

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Aug 17

Taudaha Lake with horizon in the background


It is believed that Taudaha is the remnant pool of a huge lake that once existed where the current city of Kathmandu sits. Buddhist mythology is related to this belief. In this mythology , it is said that the mythical character Manjushree cut the hill at Chobhar near south of the Kathmandu valley so that the water of the lake gets drain off, which made possible for human to occupy the land for settlement. It is one of the place where migratory bird stop over during the time of their migration.

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Jul 28

Patan Durbar under renovationsPatan Durbar, still on renovation

I have not been to many museum, but the one at Patan Durbar is worth full to visit once. There are still renovation going inside the palace, which will increase its importance in future. Due to some technical problem, I was not able to capture things kept inside the museum.

Patan Museum is quite well maintained, there are many information on Newar cultural arts and crafts and history. It contains many historical artifacts which have been well preserved. It is one of the main tourist attraction in Kathmandu valley which invites thousands of foreign visitors every month.

Here are some picture of Krishna Mandir taken from inside the Palace and some example of Newar arts and crafts which is still alive in Kathmandu Valley.

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