Dec 22

namo buddha,  Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery, Nepal, Himalayas, range,

Namo Buddha is one of the holy place for buddhist people. According to buddhist religion, it is a place where a Prince donated his whole body to the hungry mother tiger and her five kids.

In recent years, they have built a Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery.

Here are some picture i captured during my short visit to Namo Buddha, i have to admit that this place should be developed as a tourist attraction place as we can see the spectacular view of Himalaya range.

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Dec 20

At times we get a very clear sky in Kathmandu, giving view of full range of Himalaya from Mount Annapurna to Mount Everest. Today it happened once again, clear sky giving the majestic view of the snow-capped mountain range.
I went to Namo Buddha at Kavre, 2 hours drive from Kathmandu which is situated at 1700 meters high. I was lucky enough to capture them.

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Dec 06

Things are changing real fast in today’s world. Technology has developed so much that each day we can feel the change. It took a long way for mankind to reach at this stage. Technology has taken a big leap in the field of communication. Up until a decade ago email and mobile phones were much in reach of people. Letters through postage were the cheapest means of communication and expensive long distance telephone call to talk to your loved ones were expensive.
During the past few years, cheap internet access and smart phones have changed the way people communicate.

Here I am not going to talk about these modern means of communication, but the old ones which kept people in touch for very long time. It was the one that kept family and friends close enough across boundaries. It’s the one that people had to wait for months to get response from their loved one once they send their letters.

Letter box, Kathmandu Nepal

Senario at Sundhara infront of International Post Office

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Nov 15

Changu Naryan is a Hindu Temple of lord Vishnu which is located high at the hilltop near Bhaktapur. It is considered that it is the oldest temple in Nepal. According to Legends Changu Naryan existed during the time of Licchavi Dynasty who ruled Kathmandu valley. It is the temple with rich embossed works.
Here are some picture of Temple premises and portrait of local people.

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Nov 08

Bouddha buddhist monks

We have a group called “Photo-walk Nepal” which is lead by Mr. Om Yadav. Every weekend Om dai announce the place for photo-walk inside Kathmandu valley where all the enthusiast photography lover meet and share our knowledge and take picture. This week we went to one of the world heritage site inside Kathmandu valley “Bouddha”. Here are some pictures from the photo-walk we did early morning.

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Nov 05

Mangal Bazar Patan Durbar square

Kathmandu valley is a living heritage. Patan is one of the city in the valley with its own unique tradition and culture of newar community. Here are some shots of Patan durbar square and mangalbazar during night and day.

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Oct 29

The Beauty of Rani Pokhari

Chhath is one of the biggest festival of eastern Terai of Nepal, and Bihar and Jhaarkhand state of India. The Chhath Puja is performed in order to thank Surya (Sun) for sustaining life on earth and to request the granting of certain wishes.
Since the migration of people from Terai to Kathmandu valley, now this festival is not just observed in terai. It is becoming more popular every year in kathmandu and Locals have also started to celebrate it with their friends from terai.

In Kathmandu, Rani Pokhari is main attraction place for people celebrating Chhath . The other places where is can be observed are the banks of river Bagmati around Kalmochan Ghat, Kopundole, Thapathali, Pashupati and many more places beside Bagmati river. Some picture from Rani pokhari are here.

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