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Babji smoking pot - Ganja

Happy Shivratri


Today is Shivaratri, and for the first time in my life I went to Pashupatinath on this particular day with my friend Avhishek. For me it was a new experience seeing all baba’s taking puff of ganja (Marijuana).

Some incident that happen there forced me to post some of the picture.

I saw the naked baba, he was exposing his genitals, and police request this baba to no to show his genitals. Later I came to know he is a bilateral amputee.

Before this, Avishek was taking some close up picture of one baba. When this baba noticed Avishek, he shouted “CAMERA KHICCH LO” (get the camera) and ran after him. Avishek  shouted back “I have not taken your picture” and left that place.

The most interesting part was one person stoned with ganja was trying to take a short cut to Pashupatinath temple without getting in line. He tried to cross the river Bagmati, he was about to drown. Lucky him, one person saw him and dived inside the river and pulled him to the shore.

The other thing I did not like was our Holy River Bagmati, is like Holly Shit. It was not polluted few year back. But now it is disgusting to see the river. I think we general public should be aware to save the identity of our Holy River.

Anyway, it was fun to be at Pashupatinath temple today. Hey guys if you have not visited Pashupatinath on this particular day then please make it next year. You will enjoy and experience new things. Yeah off course if you like ganja, then it will be fun too. Don’t fear that police will interfere. I talked to some of them, they said it’s a tradition going on for centuries and we should consider it for today.

Naked bilateral amputee baba

Naked bilateral amputee baba

Baba showing his long hair

Baba showing his long hair

Modern baba with a fake Ganja Puff

Modern baba with a fake Ganja Puff


Does it look like safe to live there ?

People trying to take short cut route

People taking short cut to get inside Pashupatinath Temple

Being humane, a person save another being drowned

Salute to this kind hearted person in blue shirt to save that person who was stoned and trying to cross the river


Female security personnel

Do I need to shout for woman rights ? she looks proud to be a Police officer

Reflection of people in the Bagmati River

Do we feel proud to call this river as our Holy River Bagmati ?


Finally Face in a Crowd, hero of the day Avishek

* Thank you Avishek for taking some of the picture.

14 Responses to “Shivratri and baba’s at Pashupatinath temple”

  1. judy lipp Says:

    hi Sangesh,

    great pictures and commentary. Are you thinking about journalism? Hope things are well. Greetings to the family.

    Judy (in Toronto)

  2. SUSH. Says:

    As always….& as usual….TERRIFFICCC JOB !!!!! You guys are the real Heros of our country !!!!!!!!!!

    HATS OFF to both of you !!!

  3. Binod Says:

    hey cool ha
    abi looks as good as usual
    that’s well dome with the things
    and pics as usual tarreffic
    cheers mate

  4. aAkaR Says:

    baba nabhai kaha shivaratri hunchha ??

  5. Prasanna Says:

    I like the pic with the BABA and the G puff.. really artistic.. hats off man

  6. Welcome to Paradise Says:

    The picture are very good indeed. Have fun.

  7. Madhur Bista Says:

    awesome pics dude, even better with humorous comments. This is my first time exploring your blog, preety impressive can get better ,

  8. Reetu Shrestha Says:

    Sangesh you are doing a superb job especially with your photography.
    With your blog you pointed out several things that will be remember for years to come. We see so much of the negative side of life in the media that it is refreshing to have a positive, upbeat report on the good things that are happening. Most of your blog clearly showed each side of the issue and raised many question. We want to tell you how much we appreciated your clearly written and thought-provoking articles and pictures. The recent picture of Shivaratri is well covered. We appreciate your approach.
    Keep up your innovative work.


  9. aAkaR Says:

    you are doing grt man.As you have photo collection as well as screensaver . If you write abt screensaver itself and put those pics…. then it’ll also be a one way to increase visitors……….and ur pagerank is also 3………so u don’t have to worry…

  10. lefobserver Says:


  11. Srijana Says:

    Great job Sangesh!!! Your photography is just superb….keep it up…All the very best for your future….keep on writing blogs…

  12. babafakira Says:

    dear ,sangesh well done keep it up i am with you,,,thailand,pattaya

  13. babafakira Says:

    hae har har mahadev this our mool mantra..say yes or no ifnot then not hindu,u have no respect for cow and milk and mother,
    aapka,babafakira next shivratri i want to come pasupati nath pls contact me
    +66815850719 with my all friend’s let us see how many people i can find for this trip………..babafakira

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