Sep 13

Nepal Television is a government own TV Channel of Nepal. It’s used to be a sole Nepali TV channel for long time. This channel has helped Nepali to learn many things for many years and it gave many ideas about Nepal’s religion, culture, society, villages, and Life style of different part of Nepal to people who wanted to know about Nepal.

But since last year especially from the 2nd people’s movement, there have been certain changes in Nepal television too; it has become democratic in different way. It has forgotten that it is a national channel and government own, it has many responsibility towards Nation.

I felt bad when I saw the newsreader in this channel wearing western dress. Previously they used to wear our national dress Daruwa Suruwal by men and Sari by woman. Is this what we wanted as a change, as a New Nepal?

Nepal is rich in culture, thought it is a small country but there is much diversity in culture. Rather wearing always a Daruwa Suruwal, or Sari, avoiding the western dress, they could have worn their cultural traditional dress from different culture and society of Nepal.

I hope in Nepal television many people works from different society, culture, cast. Each person can wear the dress from their culture so that people will know about their dress, their culture will be preserve and the dress will not go in the verge of extinct.

We hardly see normal people wearing such traditional dress; it is the media who should work for the preservation of such dress. At least if the news readers wear them, it will not be a history, may be people will think lets try different things and try to wear these traditional dress.

I request the Nepal Television News Readers to please wear the traditional dress, do what ever you want when you are not recorded, but while you are reading news on television please help to preserve our traditional dress. You are getting nothing by wearing western dress while reading news.

Democracy dose not mean to leave your tradition culture behind and move ahead, tradition and culture should move with us every where we go and it should be preserved.

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