Sep 03

A decade back, when I used to hear news about Srilanka, Peru, Afghanistan I used to thank myself that I am living in a safe heavenly Nation called Nepal, but after listening to the news what happen yesterday in Kathmandu, it really made me sad. Am I safe in Kathmandu now? Throughout the Maoist revolution period Kathmandu was not this much terrified as it is now, but now it is unsafe to live for general unarmed public?

The news from Srilanka, Peru and Afghanistan a decade ago used to surprise me, every day I used to hear lots of people being killed in a bomb blast, lots of people been kidnapped, and now it is happening in my own country, it’s a daily news of Nepal at present. Nepal used to be a peaceful country, now it is burning hell. I am sure people who have been to Nepal a decade ago will get surprised to see Nepal as good as heaven turning into a Hell.

My mind is asking me, are we going to be next Srilanka, Afghanistan or Iraq? Will bomb blast, kidnapping will go on every day here? Will we have to live in terror every day? Will we ever again get a chance to breath in peace again? Will our parents have to worry every time when we get out of our house? Nepal was terrified by Maoist activities for last 10 yrs, and now when we thought of having a long time peace, and even one of the terai activist party came to agreement with the government, new problem came out, is this what we looked in democracy?

Democracy means people rights protected; they have rights to put forward their demands. It does not mean to get their demands by throwing the terrified messages, killing unarmed general public, hurting general public, doing roads blockade? Democracy is a system where every demand is approached with a systematic way. Why every time suffers for a general people? Maoist also gave suffer to general public, and now all the terai community who are for revolution are also giving suffer to general public.

WHY? Is it for Political Benefits? Or is it really for the people they care? If they care for people then why give suffer to them? What I think is that, our politicians do not have far seights, they just see for instant situation and take decision according to it, they are not aware of long term effect of their decision.

The decision that I did not like after the Maoist came to main political stream.

  • Why were the royalist parties and their supporters were kept aside? This can cause a big effect on Nepal peace process; they are still active to get the power. The government and the current constitution also should try to make them happy. If Maoist can be a big power house in 10 years, can’t the royalist start another revolution to throw 8 parties? What I know is we Nepali are BHEDA (sheep) we just can change the side too fast with people influence.
  • Before it was King’s monopoly, now there is 8 party’s monopoly, they are keeping other community voice aside in many cases. Especially the YCL activities are really disturbing general people life, they are working like virus and later they turn into antivirus to gain public popularity. Who are these Member of Parliment to take all the major decision of the nation? Some decision like making Nepal a secular country should be done by people’s vote, not by Member of Parliament. I can’t understand why the Late king’s Birendra’s property has been nationalized, it should be automatically transfer to his relatives, may be in future someone can influence some Mp’s and make general public property also nationalize.

Terai is already burning, yesterday series of bomb blast took place and one of the terai groups took responsibility for that blast. They are planning to send all pahadi to exile else they are going to eradicate them from terai. Has anyone thought what if all the terai people are eradicated from hilly regions?

Why the political leader doesn’t have wide and multi dimensional thinking? Why are they thinking of a instant profit? It was all started from Maoist leaders, who divided Nepal into hundreds of small community; they just took out the entire flower from that coronal where all Nepali were living as a different flowers of a single coronal. Just imagine how does a single flower look when it is taken out from coronal? How a coronal does looks when one of its flower is pulled out? They look ugly, and once the tighter coronal is broke it is easy for other flower to get out from that coronal.

Can you imagine of Nepal with all cast, religion, and community living in their own region without having any relation with each others? If the breaking of Nepal is not stopped in time then in near future we will see more terror in Nepal, it will be more fearful then what we are seeing in Iraq and Afghanistan now. Soon either in the name of UN peace keeping force US army will setup a army base in Nepal and it the thing they are looking for so that they can monitor China and India its biggest opponent at present world in many aspect or finally Nepal will divide in pahadi and madhesi. The terai people will say ” Mera Bharat Mahan ” and be a part of India and the Pahadi people will be forced to speak Chinese like the tibetan were forced.

I just Pray every day god save my nation.

Malai ramro lagcha malai pyaro laagcha, lahara chahara pahara ko desh, mero desh.

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