Sep 26

Yesterday, during Kumari Jatra or Indra Jatra, we witnessed our new monarch Sri 8 Maharajadhiraj Girija Babu. I never saw any of our prime ministers been escorted that way with so many convoy ahead and behind his vehicle. Traffic was halted and on top of that it was raining many people faced traffic jams. I too was stuck in that very traffic jam and every one was not happy with that act of our Prime Minister.

We still have King in our nation, he is not yet striped from his post, and the current parliament even can not do so as they have mention in new constitution that they will decide the future role of the king after CA polls.

Either they have to kick the king away and do what ever they want in their new constitution, but until the king is there, they should not change the cultural system of the nation. The political party should respect the cultural value of the nation and should respect them and should not play with the people’s emotion.

I heard few people from GUTHI were arrested yesterday who opposed the visit of PM who came in place of King to get blessings from the Living Goddess Kumari.

This is a Political Game, what is going inside we have no clue, our Sri 8 Maharajadhiraj is very clever and one of the most respected clever politician of Nepal. I have respect for him and if he was not there can not imagine the present political situation in Nepal, he has really maintained the balance.

In this matter I have thought in two ways, it is really a sensitive time for Nepal, either top leader from Maoist party should get hurt or kill nor the king and member of royal family should hurt or get kill. Any of these situations will bring a big unrest in Nepal.

Might be to save the king from any of such incident, our Sri 8 Maharajadhiraj is just showing off and in king’s Advice he is just attending all this duties.

Any way republic should not be decided by the current parliament, king’s future should not be decided by the current parliament, we need a fair CA polls and let’s see and wait until the next year, who will go to Indra Jatra or any other festival with people’s majority choice not parliament and Maoist choice.

Who Knows with People’s Choice, so self claimed next president of Nepal, Maoist leader Mr. Puspha Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) with his red army will go to attend Indra Jatra.

Please don’t drag politics in culture and religion, let’s preserve our culture, we Nepali being a resident of a small tiny country we are very rich in culture, we will hardly find any other country in his world who’s people celebrate festival every week.

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