Oct 13

There is a new trend on the street of Kathmandu, the trend of street fast food. It’s not a new business but it’s a big attraction now. I have seen such street fast food when I traveled some Indian metropolitan city. It has been a good business for people who want to earn some amount with less investment. Some are doing it as a side business as part time job.

Stalls of street food at basantapur.

That is really a good part, but I want to raise a question how healthy are these food?
They are open; we don’t see any safety measure taken to provide safe food. I have been the victim once I had food poising along with my 2 other friends.

They claim it is healthy food, are these food really healthy?

Is government is aware of public health? If they are aware then what measure are they taking to monitor such small fast food center?

I don’t think such street shop is register in any government office, nor they have to pay tax.
I met one of the owner of such shop and asked him about how aware is he for such food, hearing to his reply I felt little secure as he said he does keep the meat and fish items in refrigerator, but I did not see refrigerator there, he said that the remain food he carry back home and keep it on refrigerator. According to him, they use the best artificial casings for sausages.

One of the street fast food owner Mr. Bikash Maharjan

Should we believe him? Next to his shop I and my friend tried one hot-dog it was own by a lady, ohhh as we tried to eat, it was really smelling so bad that we had to throw it. We just paid the money and came back. We did ask her is this fresh hot dog, she said yes it is. We had no words to defend our self.

Here is my question.

Is government concern about public health? I think from small mistake from such shop owner, we may have disease like diarrhea, yellow fever.

Why these type of small shop aren’t are monitor by government?

The local clubs or ward office who take some amount as rent from such shop, are they concern about public health? Are they trying to make such shop owner aware of such things?

What if government imposes some tax and registration for such shop so that they can be monitor and make it systematic?

stalls with different types of food

Burger as street fast food

I am not against the street food, as this is providing jobs, people can get out of home at the evening relax and have some food, it is cheap and fast. But I want it to have systematic, at least those people should be taught about public health, what they are serving public, how can they provide safe food, How to refrigerate the remaining food.

preparing momo, one of the popular food in Nepal.

I hope soon Nepal’s health ministry will monitor on such shops and give training to such owner about how to provide safe food.

Good Food Good Health Lets have safe and healthy food.

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