Oct 11

Kumari Ghar during Indra Jatra festival
Kumari Ghar

The people of Kathmandu valley celebrated the 250th Indra Jatra this year. Indra Jatra is one of the important Jatra (festival) celebrated in Kathmandu Valley. However, like most festivals of Nepal, both Hindus and Buddhist unite to celebrate the festival of Indra Jatra. The living Goddess Kumari is taken out in a procession in a chariot. King of Nepal pay a visit to Kumari on the first and last day of this festival. This festival is celebrated for 1 week, couple of weeks before the biggest hindu festival Dashain.

This years is with the political change in Nepal, the king was not allowed to visit the jatra, instead the head of state Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala Paid the visit to the Jatra though on the last day King gave a suprise visit to Kumari Ghaar.On this festival, we can observe Lakhe Dance also, the traditional dance of the valley. The new raod area, Basantapur and indra chowk area gets crowded at the time of indra Jatra with lots of hindu and Buddhist devotee pays a visit to the temples surrounding this area and to see the pulling of chariot of goddess Kumari, Ganesh and Bhairav.

Kumari Ghar - front view
Kumari Ghar (Kumari House)

View of house where the goddess Kumari resides

View of White Durbar during Indra jatra
Basantapur Durbar

Kumari Indra Jatra

Indra Jatra - Swet Bhairab

Hanuman Dhoka during Indra Jatra
Basantapur Durbar Square at night

Taleju Bhawani in the background
Taleju Bhawani (behind temple)

Akash Bhairab
Akash Bhairav

Samaya Baji decoration during Indra Jatra

People Playing Traditional Music before a chariot

People Playing Traditional Music before a chariot

Akash Bhairav Bhajan Mandali
Akash Bhairav Bhajan Mandali

Gurju ko Paltan with their traditional Black dress
Gurkha army with their traditional Black dress

Showing of the 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu
Showing of the 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu

People participating in Indra jatra

Images of Indra jatra

Kaal Bhairab
Kaal Bhairav

4 Responses to “Indra Jatra, Festival that Kathmandu is celebrating from 250 years”

  1. deshman Says:

    sangesh you missed the some important aspect of the indra jatra. they come out only once a year and are fun and to watch and one feels proud of our rich cultural heritage.

    sawabhaku, blue face lakhe who moves accompanied by unique music with a sword in his hand. it is said that he has license to kill anyone who dares to challenge him. if you notice, his hand is always held by two people.

    then there is puli kisi, a white elephant, who too has unique music when it moves about.

    there are also other lakhes who come out only during this festival.

    thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. i must say your work is informing the people all over the world know about our rich cultural heritage.

  2. amu Says:

    What a wonderful picture collection of Indra Jatra!! Excellant job, keep it up!!!

  3. joshi Says:

    hey where do i gte information abt the gurju’s paltna( the army people in the black dress??

  4. Kathmandu durbar square Says:

    Some of the places have amazing stories but our guide was not too talkative. fToo much focussed on moving too quickly.

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