Oct 01

By Ashish Regmi
Melbourne, Australia

Nepal my motherland still cry’s, unable to comprehend the suffering of her children at the hands of her own. The cycle of political instability over the past two decade has pushed our country into a divided nation. The country is now riddled with divides at every level.

Why? Who is to blame? All of us have our own opinions of where to point the fingers at when it comes to this chaotic situation but is it only the royal regime, the Maoist revolution,the corrupted politician or India always waiting to pounce it claws and stir instability or even the international community with its double standard ever changing policies.

Yes all of the above are the contributing factors not just one. I believe there is one more place where the blame falls at and it’s us, the general public. We are as much as responsible for the state of the country as the other contributing factors are. The general public has the responsibility; they are the checking mechanism for the democratic process. We have an obligation to our nation and to our fellow Nepalese that the government never neglect or deprives us of our basic rights anywhere in the nation. We never protested for the wrong doing of the parties whom we supported, thus giving the politicians at power to get away with anything over and over again.

Blinded by our divides of class, caste, religion, political views we always looked after our interest but not the interest of the nation as a whole. We were and still are gullible puppets of power players because of our stereotypical, vindictive and oppressive past that is imbedded in our thought process. We still support and find comfort in the hands of those who put us in this situation, the royalist, the communist, the democrats, the racists, and the fascist. We still dwell on our own divides for solace, instead of understanding the broader aspects of accepting all Nepalese as one.

All of us want the same for our nation, peace and prosperity in our nation isn’t that what the entire fracas is all about. Why can’t we just unite as a whole and see to it that we get what we want.

We the people stand as the main obstacle for our nation, cant we unite for the greater good of our nation. We are still supporting those very politicians who over the past two decades caused the mess that we are in “haven’t we learnt a lesson already?”.
It is now time to rise, rise for a change, and rise for a positive impact that will help us all attain the proper environment for a peaceful and prosperous nation.


6 Responses to “Revolution”

  1. Brotherhood Says:


    Very true we all have to stay together as a solid rock so that no one will dare to defy us and our sovernity.

    This is our country and we have to and will defend it till the last moment.

    Ash u rock man!

  2. Steve M Says:

    Good on you, everyone has the right to be free from the tyranny of empires

  3. Steve M Says:

    Good on you for writing this. People have a right to be free, and not controled by a system like an Empire

  4. Siddhant Says:


    At least the fundamental idea is still burning inside you Mr. Ashish. You hit the bulls eye. What we exactly lack is attitude to see above self, for a good cause. Amidst the active coups of different factors like you say, the royalists, the indecisive parties, may be RAW, CIA, what i believe is the force of atleast the learned nepalese can outnumber them. We are the only ones who can defy this whole process/system.

    My only concern is how we can really act upon it bearing the following things in mind:

    1. All of us may not be able to resort to street for standing against this political stalemate.
    2. We do not have much time. We need to act before something wrong happens which ofcourse ultimately affects our future.
    3. this core idea and the message of unity and attitude to see above self atleast in this critical hour needs to be rapidly delivered to people and convince them to ensure unity.
    4. our objective is to make nepal a safer place to live in, a free environment to work in.
    5. we may be able to do these things by being at our own places. but how?? please think.

    It is clear to us that this revolution is our responsibility. a standard email (with a persuasive message) forwarded to everyone we know. we have fought before for independence and democracy we can do it now too. a blog to be promoted by all of us. Besides electronic messages what could we do? let’s think. May be we could gather on a saturday? May be we could persuade Nagarik samaj to hold public meeting without party leaders. May be we could then ask the major media to support this cause.

    this has to be done. I would be highly priviledged if i could be a part of this and at least show some light to the conservative minds and the corrupts. Friends lets brainstorm and come up with ideas.

    Sangesh, lets talk about this. and find out who is to do what. I feel Mr. ashish could draft this message. Sangesh could create a blog or use this one. Even if we can shed light in a few hearts, we could be proud of our accomplishment. Guys, the subject has always haunted me. Parties are engrossed in fight for the seats, leaders are corrupt, with a full coup from internal and external parties we really have to be brave and act. It is showtime.

    So, please give your opinions on how to execute

  5. Welcome to Paradise Says:

    Very true brother…

    Hope this deadlock situation is out soon and we shall live in a free Nepal.

  6. Gagan Says:

    Why blame anyone? The politics, the ignorance of the people and their mindset to find excuse to envelope their idleness is the cause of the underdevelopment of the nepalese people.

    For any people, any state, any country to rise, EDUCATION is a must.

    EDUCATION brings AWARENESS in people to rise and strive for the collective development of their community, their people, their country instead of just looking around for food, for clothes, for bearing more and more children.
    EDUCATION brings AWARENESS due to which they can strive for a better life look besides just the basic needs of life.
    AWARENESS in people provokes GOOD people to rise and take charge of THEIR political system and then move forward to change their system for a better infrastructure, a better lifestyle, a better environment/opportunities for doing business, FOR A BETTER COUNTRY.
    What can a RAW, a MI or a CIA do if you are determined to change your country’s destiny?
    Where there is WILL, there is a way.
    So, we should stop the blame game and

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