Oct 01

Who are YCL to take action on the Royalist and the active people during the King’s Coup?  It seems like Maoist dose not want peace in this country and they still have a master plan inside them to take over this country forcefully and bring complete communisms. I don’t understand why they want to take action on these people.

Have they ever realized what happen if the entire Maoist affected people start same thing against the Maoist leaders? Maoist also gave hard time to so many innocent general public, they have killed so many innocent people, and they have captured their lands, seized house, looted money.

These actions will just bring more violence in nation; it’s a big planning of Maoist to disturbe the CA election and they themselves are the cause of being unpopular with in general public and they are already aware that they are not going to win many seats in parliament and they do not want to lose the seats they have in parliament now.

Our nation is really is a fragile state, why all the leaders can’t understand that even a small spark will destroy Nepal at current situation.

It’s really time for the Maoist leaders to realize what wrong and rights they have did for the country and should go with what the general public wants rather than their followers and work on it to make a long term peace in this beautiful country.

Oh Prachanda ji, please stop all these nonsense activities of YCL, don’t irritate Nepali people any more now. We have seen what kind of a leader you are, there is no difference in you too, All leaders in Nepal are fighting for political power not for nations development, they all think about themselves and their party’s development not the country and people’s development.

You saw what people’s power or people’s movement can do. So beware of the public, they can make u feel like king one day and in next moment if you don’t do the way they want then they will treat you like street dogs.
You already know people already started hating you and your party that is why you want to run away from CA election. So before people start their protest against you and your party please come together hand in hand with all people of Nepal to stop this dirty politics. It’s really a time for you to be a Hero and write your name in golden letters in the history book of Nepal.

If you take action on royalist and those who supported the King’s coup, you may have to face some difficult time in future like the leaders of the communist Khmer Rouge rebels saw and are still seeing in Cambodia. Just a week ago one of the Old Leader was capture by the government.

 It’s time to make them (Royalist parties and king’s Supporters) too understand and  work together for the development of the country not to fight with them, today you have power you will take action on them tomorrow they will have power and they will take action on them, and this game will go on , it is never ending. So let’s end such thing now, We Nepali want peace and harmony, No more wars, No more instability government, no more dirty politics, no more chakka jams, no more school and college close down. Let’s create a environment for good education, working environment, development roadmaps and forget all that happen before today.

I hope our leaders will listen to general public voice soon and compromises with them self to give better future to Nepal and Nepali.

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