Nov 18

The sky of Kathmandu was clear for last few days, I went to different places and took some pictures of the himalaya. This set of pictures were taken from Chapagaun, lalitpur.












This picture is taken from my house

7 Responses to “Pictures of Mountain from Chapagaun, Lalitpur”

  1. badri gautam Says:

    i happa looking at this frekin place

  2. badri gautam Says:

    sorry i thought it was thailand very nice pic happa to look at it noce photography i was scout teacher

  3. Sushil Thapa Says:

    very beautiful , i miss my birth place, outstanding scene. comment from northsydney library myself sushil with anuj and sandesh

  4. razen Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Keep up the spirit

  5. kevin Says:

    thanks bro for capturing these awesome pic. from our locality.

  6. Salmon Sallos Chia Says:

    The photo are really great and i believe that it will make your heart in peaceful.Really nice the scene and view.Please let me know so that i can share the nice photo.I’ll be there soon and hope i can take like this photo.Keep it guys…2SC3K

  7. Hasem Says:

    Great Job! If your willing to give away two of them I would attach them to our backpacks when we go hiking around on NM mountains, trails, and ghost towns. Would be nice to have the power for keeping all the electronics up and going all day. GPS, Cells phones, small radio stuff like that. Again great idea. I will have to look for some old LCD panels to do that also.

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