Nov 18

The sky of Kathmandu was clear for last few days, I went to different places and took some pictures of the himalaya. This set of pictures were taken from Chapagaun, lalitpur.












This picture is taken from my house

20 Responses to “Pictures of Mountain from Chapagaun, Lalitpur”

  1. Prasanna Says:

    I really miss the view of the moountains during dawn and dusk, anyways thanks bro, ahile llai yesaile kaam chalaula! nice pic by the way

  2. Binod Says:

    yo man really cool why can’t I bring those mountains over here in australia:P I like to carry them where ever I go mate:P

  3. testaiho Says:

    keep clicking, your photography skills might pay off someday.

    fun with blogging.

  4. testaiho Says:

    hero put these mountain picture in download section and make sure theya re atleast 1024x 680

  5. Patricia Hopkins Says:

    The picture are very good. I will visit Nepal with my friends.

  6. mountainlover Says:

    u should put/ keep more pictures

  7. Elina Says:

    Nepal is beautiful country. Good Pictures.

  8. Elina Shrestha Says:

    Nepal, our country, is beautiful. Good Pictures.

  9. Paras Kunwar Says:

    Cool Pix Bro,

    I really like those pix. How beautiful country we have been gifted by god but irony is that everybody wants to go away from it. People says everything has an end lets hope this political turmoil will end soon and our country will also will be no less than any other European country.



  10. Keshab Ghimire Says:

    Waw So Nice
    Thank you For sharing

  11. esvl Says:

    Wow. Thats nice. Mount everest.
    It looks so close.
    The last photo almost looks like a painting.

  12. surendr kumar pudasaini Says:

    i like this view so much i born in chapagaon but i have not got a chance to view all this things so i thanks a lot

  13. Binod Neupane Says:

    Now i live in thailand but i am very happy to look the photo of my own place.
    Thank u very much bro

  14. badri gautam Says:

    i happa looking at this frekin place

  15. badri gautam Says:

    sorry i thought it was thailand very nice pic happa to look at it noce photography i was scout teacher

  16. Sushil Thapa Says:

    very beautiful , i miss my birth place, outstanding scene. comment from northsydney library myself sushil with anuj and sandesh

  17. razen Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Keep up the spirit

  18. kevin Says:

    thanks bro for capturing these awesome pic. from our locality.

  19. Salmon Sallos Chia Says:

    The photo are really great and i believe that it will make your heart in peaceful.Really nice the scene and view.Please let me know so that i can share the nice photo.I’ll be there soon and hope i can take like this photo.Keep it guys…2SC3K

  20. Hasem Says:

    Great Job! If your willing to give away two of them I would attach them to our backpacks when we go hiking around on NM mountains, trails, and ghost towns. Would be nice to have the power for keeping all the electronics up and going all day. GPS, Cells phones, small radio stuff like that. Again great idea. I will have to look for some old LCD panels to do that also.

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