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New Year’s eve, it is the day when most of our friends meet all together and enjoy. Yesterday night also most of us joined at my house. Since the guys are getting busy, it’s hard to organize such get together, but finally we did it this year too.

My dad always joins us and he plays his mouth harmonica and keyboard. He made all of us dance, but before that he played the tempo music of Jingle Bells from keyboard many times, and everyone was singing that song, so finally we decided to give the theme of the last year New Years Eve party as Jingle Bells, this name was suggested by my friend/brother Sakil.

If Rajesh, Liska were not there, then the party would not have been so successful. Thanks for them for cooking all the food (do I need to thank other guys by naming them and what did they do). We really missed some of our friends this year as some of them are abroad and few could not make it because of some problem.

Especially we missed Mrigesh, Sachin Joshi, Akhil, Binod, Dhiraj, Ashish motae, Sandhya Didi, Sanjeena, Sunita, Pratul, Paras, Rakesh and Siddhant (Veg). Some of the guys hurt our feelings by not keeping their words and joining us, and few came late to save our friendship with them.

Hope our new friends Dr. Niraj and sakil’s friend Mr. Phillip from UNMIN also enjoyed our company. Yeah finally our BIG BROTHER Rabin dai, he got lost after 10 pm before he could eat the special BBQ of chicken which he cooked. It is always fun to be around him, we waited him till midnight.

Let our friendship be always like this staying together in good and bad times and available when we need each other. We hope to celebrate all the New Year eve till we are in this earth.

Bye Bye 2007, we won’t be able to meet again, as time never comes back.

Christmas / New Year Eve Party


Cooking going on for New Year Eve Party

Liska Bhauju

Bar-b-que during New year eve party

when did u guys started this Business?

Chicken BBQ at our party

Wow, let’s start this new business too

Friends preparing the Chicken BBQ

What are you doing avee, Yaar hijo ko masu le pet dookhyo bhanna lai?

Is it ready Rabin dai?

Everyone is enjoying the chicken Bar-b-que

Mr. Chicken Lover 😛 we haven’t forgot what you did few years back.

Dad and DR. Niraj

Dad and Dr. Niraj

Sakil Dai and Mr. Phillips from UNMIN

Sakil and Phillip from UNMIN

Pretty faces to lighten up the Party of New year eve

What’s goign on girls, kina yesto SMILE?

Tickets for the New Year Eve party - Not required, friends are welcome

Late aaune Chiken lover Mr. Jesis and Reja ( middle )

Alee is always surrounded by ….. ( girls ni aaba )

Posing in front of the camera with beer

Double A holding B

Dad plays some music to get the crowd energizedThey are having lots of fun

Shrestha group from Tripureshwor during the party

are you guys bored?

Party prowlers dancing to the sound of music

Kem choo, maaje mey choo?

Band of brothers or group of guys; during New year eve

Akash , what happen? Jhyaap bhaideko

Beer and chicken BBQ - good combination; and great smile guys

Sunil, k ho tyo, jesis ko chicken lootish ki kaso?

 Bottles up guys - way to go

Ashish ko Final Shot of the year 2007

11 Responses to “Jingle Bells Night”

  1. Philip M. Kamara Says:

    Many thanks to the organisers of the Bye Bye 2007 Jingle Bells Night. this has been a remarkable and worth memorable event in my life that I will ever remain to keep in m heart about Nepal and the “Jingle Bells (JB) Commrades” Thanks to Uncle the Music producer and to Asish and Avishek for their dramatic performance. I hope a similar event will come once again to reunite the JB Team. Happy New Year to all and wihishing you the Bst of all.

  2. Pratul Says:

    Hello Guys,

    Happy New Year 2008. Really I missed those wonderful moments..A Jingle Bell tune..BBQ & of course the celebration. I am sure that i’ll be available next time.
    Live & Let Leave..let’s this be the slogan for this year.


  3. Binod Says:

    hey guys
    u ppl rock really missed nepal that cold nights of new year eve and the good old fire with lots of barbaqued foods
    well over here in sydney the weather might be completely but is one of the greatest new years eve I have ever had … but guys
    after watching these pics
    what I feel is u guys rocked over there …
    hummm not bad
    and the best part I would love to see is more guys with more bhaujus next year…
    lets pray..
    go great guys

    our new year was not bbq party but good old momo and khir especial …

  4. Ashish Says:

    the best part of the party was mouth watering chicken roast ,man ,trust me ,damn good ,and another best part was the song jingle bell ,when i see the uncle pics with right hand clicking and left hand on keyboard ,it feels like i am about to dance on song .let’s rock it ………………..(while others restrict me from rapping ) hahahahahah happy new year to all .

    by the way ,binod ,this time we missed your dishes ,but robin dai handled it in a right and perfect way ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    robin dai ,birgunj recipe was great , thankx


  5. prama Says:

    May all of us get the jingle of happiness through out of the life. I really had a good time.
    Capturing those memories and sharing those moments with frens all over is really a commendable job.
    Good job sangesh

  6. Secretary- Jingle Niwas Kupondole Says:

    Dear Jingleholics,

    Please find herewith the award winners of the Jingle Night that was held at Club Orthopedica (Now Known as ‘Jingle Niwas’):

    Jingle Best Dancer: Ashish (Who outscored 4 other nominees)
    JIngle Sekuwa Dai: Rabin Dai
    Jingle Best Cook: Rajesh (outscored 3 other nominees)
    Jingle Supporting Cook: Subash Rajkarnikar
    Jingle Kaam Choor: Ali and Bishal (Kachuwa)
    Jingle in Negative Role: Sunil Tuladhar (He nearly spoiled uncle’s jingle) (Single nominee)
    Jingle worst performance: Jesis’the takla’ (single nominee)
    Jingle New Face: Philip M. Kamara
    Jingle Runner: Prama
    Jingle Absentee: 1. Saroj/paras/pratul Dhokebaaz (in sangesh’s language)
    and……. Jingle Photographer: Sangesh (single nominee)

    Thanks @ all jingle participants

  7. Avishek Says:

    Even though I am not in any award categories……. I really enjoyed the Jingle Night. Congratulation @ all the winners… you people deserved it…

    Thanks@ all….. really had a great time……

    Finally, would like to request the secretary of JIngle Niwas to arrange a new JIngle night soon.


  8. ajay Says:

    hey guys wishing u all a happy n prosperous n funfilled n healthy ,wealthy n politically stable new year,
    hope i wud b there to get jhyaap n njoy the bbq,wud had surely njoyed in the company of such good frds.though i stay far away but still my heart n my soul lives in nepal,ktm , wid my old n true frds.
    take care

  9. How it was Negative??????????? Says:

    Hey mann.. how it was negative.

    i never play negative role but make sure u also won’t play -ve..
    this is belated new year wish for you

  10. Mrigesh Says:

    Man !!!!! I can’t believe I am missing all these !!!!!
    Miss you guys !!!!!

  11. Abhishek Shrestha Says:

    mama!!!! I enjoyed looking photo and guess how much did you all enjoy in the Jingle Bells Night…….Thankxxxx

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